March 16, 2009

Zahir Ebrahim, Project, United States of America.

Congratulations on your long march victory for restoring the Chief Justice. However, not one among you, including Mr. Nawaz Sharif, and the former now soon to be reinstated Chief Justice, in your long march sloganeering, ever mentioned stopping the drone attacks from Pakistani territories, not one among you mentioned that ‘war on terror’ is a manufactured fiction that is sinking Pakistan into oblivion, and not one among you asserted that this is NOT OUR WAR.

Okay, Imran Khan only anemically uttered some semblance of sanity – but he too shied away from full spectrum disclosures that Pakistan must disengage from this fabricated war, that we must stop supplying our real enemies, and that based on prima facie evidence, Pakistani Army is entirely in bed with the US and Nato forces and shares Pakistan’s dismemberment agenda with them. WHY are you silent?

In fact, you wrote in your oped of March 09, 2009 in the Pakistan’s daily The News, that the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might well be right on “who planned 9/11, the bombings in Madrid and London, … and the recent carnage in Mumbai”, except on the matter of “the assassination of Benazir Bhutto”? You offered a detailed forensic analysis of why Hillary Clinton might be wrong in that one case. What stopped you from making the same forensic analysis on those other matters of “imperial mobilization”? As a rational barrister given to acute forensic thinking, you surely cannot believe that an ‘Ali Baba‘ has the supra-national power to overwhelm an armed to the teeth mighty sole-superpower and bring it to its knees?

Can you refute anything in the still unpublished in the mainstream letter to the editor which is reproduced below? If not, why not straightforwardly state outright that which is true, rational, and moral? You do enjoy a prominent place in Pakistani politics, law, and the media. Why are you silent on these matters when you can create such a raucous on other profound matters of justice? Is this such a rocket science to unravel? Surely not for an astute legal mind.

If you are still unsure about any of these matters, I would be more than happy to enlighten you. And if you don’t believe me, I would be happy if you refuted me publicly and allowed me the chance to respond to you in the same forum and venue so that the people in Pakistan can at least come to know that there is another rational perspective. Addressing the systemic cancer of “imperial mobilization” and its manufactured boogiemen at its very fundamental source – by looking at the entire forest instead of being perpetually lost in the leaves, branches, tree, and clump of trees – we can most assuredly navigate Pakistan away from its planned dismemberment.

The Pakistani nation today is dancing to the tune of katputli tamasha enacted for them by yourself, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, and the legal fraternity. And yet, there is something so positive to emerge out of this long march that I am, for the first time since 911, excited and also full of realistic hope that the people of Pakistan have finally come out to vociferously proclaim from their roof-tops and in the streets: I have had it up to my neck and am not going to take it anymore. Bravo Pakistanis!!!

My most humble respect and salutations to you and the leadership of this long march which showed such remarkable national courage against the entire state apparatus that it spontaneously galvanized an entire nation of hitherto apathetic bystanders.

That example today must be giving goose-bumps to the hectoring hegemons, for it is indeed an example to be emulated in all the Western nations which are themselves rapidly descending into police-states of their own. Your good self and Mr. Nawaz Sharif, quite unbeknownst to yourselves, have given enormous courage to all plebeians everywhere and unequivocally shown the power of many against the mightiest entrenched power of tyranny.

Well, let’s harness that tectonic energy and the new found public chutzpah to stand up to tyranny by stripping it naked all the way and really show the rulers of the world what they are afraid of at night, and for which, all their years of police-state planning world-wide can be brought to naught just like the Pharaoh’s army. That indeed, when the checkered flag drops, and when the rubber finally meets the road, “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization.”


Letter to Editor: The Destruction of Pakistan by the CIA

Dateline March 15, 2009.

Project Humanbeingsfirst is of the same accurate assessment as’s “Even Soviet Union Could not survive this kind of a CIA-backed war”.

It is uncanny to find so much in common with DW – but then again, there is only one truth surrounded by a 100 million layered lies. Anyone who peers through to the bottom of the Pandora’s box however, is guaranteed to uncover the truth (and the solution) – or so the legend goes.

What is pertinent to observe is the rapid escalation, and co-incidence, of the timing of the rapid global financial collapse and Pakistan’s rapid deterioration. This only implies one thing to this scribe – the confirmation that during Obama’s Administration is the endgame. See “Mr. Obama – The Post Modern Coup”.

There may be some ways to avert it. None of these however, directly include the people of Pakistan unfortunately, except in wishful thinking. For, when the arsonists own the fire stations, and plebeian revolutions remain the dream in only utopian eyes, and the beleaguered peoples unable to even make daily ends meet can only proclaim “Allah chala raha hai”, the outcome is fait accompli. Pakistanis are just as apathetically watching it all unfold on their television screens, as the Americans. And the pathetic reality is that even Pakistan’s most distinguished rebel, Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan, could not call the spade a spade.

Look how the distinguished Pakistani barrister and learned scholar even began his recent analysis with the lame opening gambit in “Waiting for the UN”, the first of the two opeds to appear on March 09, 2009 in the News – and one is supposed to get so impressed so as to start singing Hallelujah:

‘ Addressing a press conference after the Nato Foreign Ministers’ Conference in Brussels on March 5, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: “We must recognize that one tiny, remote corner of the world — the borders of Pakistan — is the nerve centre for extremists who planned 9/11, the bombings in Madrid and London, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the recent carnage in Mumbai”. (The NEWS, March 06). She may be right about all the others,…’

She may be right about all the others”? Indeed! Even while he goes on to accurately analyze the one exception in his mind where the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might be wrong, his beloved leader’s assassination, and rightfully concludes with the commonsensical and rational wisdom in the second of the two opeds on March 14, 2009:

Let us not wait for the UN and allow even the remaining evidence also to degrade and disappear. Let not the UN become an alibi.”

What stopped Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan from making the same forensic analysis for “who planned 9/11, the bombings in Madrid and London, … and the recent carnage in Mumbai” as he did for “the assassination of Benazir Bhutto”?

So, when the editor of DW writes in his afore-cited editorial:

In such a situation, only the people of Pakistan can save Pakistan. The first step of this war for Pakistan’s survival begins with identifying and bringing to justice the enemies within.”,

here are some reality checks – and also the first axiomatic baby-step towards the solution:

Is there a Pakistani ‘ma ka lal’, or ‘baab ki baitie’, who is already born, and not yet to be born, who can truthfully proclaim what is noted therein? One who might truthfully proclaim on mainstream television and in public speeches the Galilean-truth noted in the editorial by DW?

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim



[ Preface The editorial by DW is reproduced below. Each of these items listed in it, I know of independently through my own research. For Instance, the “jihad” publications “to make the Soviets bleed for as much and as long as possible”, were run by Zalmay Khalilzad and his mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski under Rand Corporation which taught Afghani children the most barbaric methods to fight the Soviets – and hundreds of thousands signed up, children to men to fight the infidels because Brzezinski convinced them that “god is on your side”. The same are likely signing up today to fight the Pakistani army – their gratuitously made enemy – under control of the black-ops dollars and manufactured jihadis, in turn under hierarchical control of hired mercenaries who work for the CIA and Pentagon’s shadow army. Just look at how Jundallah is fighting Iran ( see Letter to Editor: Iran, the Associated Press, and Covert-War of ‘Imperial Mobilization’ ) – there is a Jundallah-plusplus fighting Pakistan! Clearly, names like Baitulla Meshud, the radio mullah, etc., are part of that gang – made patsies or mercenaries by the lure of dollars, revenge, and “jihad” against the new infidel oppressors. Apart from lending credence to the mantra of “Terror Central” (see Saving Pakistan from Synthetic ‘Terror Central’ ), this was precisely the point behind decimating lal-masjid in Islamabad in July 2007 with such barbaric ferocity. It wouldn’t take much to enlist an oppressed, already disenfranchised to the limit of tolerance by daily bombardment of their families, populace to fight the barbaric infidel Pakistan army which shies not even in destroying a mosque, with women and children inside, with the same deadly phosphorous bombs as the Israeli army uses on the Palestinians! Just as Jundallah is running hit and run missions of systematic destabilization in Iran from Pakistani territory, Jundallah-plusplus is running both hit and run missions against Pakistani army, against Pakistani civilians with wanton acts of exploding terror, and against the US military and Nato armies, blaming it all on al-qaeeda and Taliban. This was the purpose of ‘NATO’s Secret Armies‘ during the Cold War, to seed ‘Operation Gladio‘ and synthesize Terrorism in Western Europe in order sustain the fear of communism among the skeptical Western Europeans so that the Pentagon’s and NATO’s agenda against the USSR could be perpetuated as per the ‘Truman Doctrine‘. And the same modus operandi has been resurrected to create and maintain the fear of ‘al-qaeeda‘ in the Pakistani as well as the Western psyche – through the ‘strategy of tension’ – by inflicting shocking and barbaric civilian casualties, as well as the military ones being suffered by the regular army units unconnected to the black-ops secret-army in Afghanistan. The false-flag events transpiring on the day of 911 which were instantly blamed on the CIA asset ‘Bin Laden‘, was its humble beginnings. Its culmination is in the grandiose ‘one-world’ government. Towards that singular goal of the globalists, the fraternity of world’s intelligence apparatus has come together in solidarity of purpose. Specifically, they are the ones planning and executing spectacular false-flag operations world-wide and blaming them upon patsy boogiemen of ‘Islamofascism’ and ‘al-qaeeda’, just as NATO Intelligence blamed its false-flag terrorist acts in Europe on the communists and the Red Brigade. George Bernard Shaw had wisely counseled: “We are made wise not by the recollections of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” And we would be wise to pay heed to that counsel, for hard receipts for these monumental crimes will only be found, if at all, after fait accompli is complete and the narrators of history of the One-World Order laugh their way to the bank. ]

Even Soviet Union Could not survive this kind of a CIA-backed war

For the world mastering demi-gods, Pakistan army is just a piece of cake compared to what the Soviet power. Of course, the Soviet Union was in a foreign land but then it was fighting one known enemy. To the contrary, the Pakistan’s mercenary army is against a multitude for forces on several fronts, including the humiliation and alienation it has to face from its own people.

See the following report. Only those who are totally ignorant about Afghanistan and Pakistan would believe that the mercenary army is against the Taliban and the bogey-monster al-Qaeeda. Those who know the Taliban when they were the rulers of Afghanistan and remember their collective military power of no more than a few old Russian tanks can clearly see that Pakistan’s army is not fighting the Taliban but an organized guerrilla force, trained and supported by the CIA just as it did against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Afghans would gladly join the force against Pakistan many of whom believe from the bottom of their heart that Pakistan is their enemy and wants to establish a proxy power in Afghanistan. India’s RAW has joined hands with the CIA just as ISI did against the Soviet forces.

This strategy of slowly bleeding the high value target is further supported by the drone strikes to create and increase resistance to the army from within Pakistan so that in the complex situation no one could easily figure out if the enemy is the local people driven to the extreme by Pakistan’s war on its people, or it is the infiltrators from outside.

The CIA-RAW and Mossad planned and supported terrorist attacks inside Pakistan is another way of softening Pakistan as a high value target from within. All these fronts of the war of terrorists on Pakistan are further supported through Mush and Zardari kind of puppet regimes and Rahman Malik type of sold-out souls. In such a situation, only the people of Pakistan can save Pakistan. The first step of this war for Pakistan’s survival begins with identifying and bringing to justice the enemies within.

This is a Jihad in reverse. The Jihad from Pakistan outwards against the US enemies has now been directed against Pakistan. Propagandists of the “long war” are calling this CIA-Mossad-RAW new “mujahideen” as a “shadow army.” They believe that a shadow army that could undo the Soviet Union can definitely undo Pakistan as well. All they have to do is to make Pakistan army more unpopular at home so that the US-backed Jihad against it could be well justified.

The more drone attacks, the more shelling on Pakistani villages with the US-supplied cobra gunships, the more Musharraf type generals accepting responsibility of even the butchery committed by the US forces, the more backing of the US war on its people, the more people are displaced internally from their homes and the more the US-backed Jihad on this army gets legitimacy. The Soviet army was at least dying for itself. Pakistan army is fighting and dying for the US in a war that is purely direct against it.

So, surely, the US backed al-qaeeda, taliban and mujahideen undid the Soviet Union because Jihad against it was made holier by the books published at the University of Nebraska and the war justified through the “mainstream” media. Now a new brand of al-Qaeeda and Taliban and Mujahideen are being brainwashed into believing that Pakistani regime and Pakistani army are worse than Najeebullah in power as a Soviet puppet. This is proved as a universal truth by making the Pakistani generals and top political leaders dance to the tunes from Washington. Only fools would believe they are no puppets. So how can you convince the new CIA-backed al-Qaeeda and Taliban and mujahideen that the regime in Islamabad has no blood on its hands and does not serve Washington.

Taliban didn’t know that they were created by the CIA. They thought they were dealing with a trusted ally – the ISI. Same is the case today. Those who are made to fight Pakistan army do not know their real backers and they do not intend to be fighting the CIA-RAW-Khad-Mossad cause.




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