Open Letter to the Authors of ‘U.S. policy must factor in changed landscape in Iran’, Dr. Trita Parsi et. al. — Brzezinski & Fukuyama protégé

Open Letter to the Authors of ‘U.S. policy must factor in changed landscape in Iran’, Dr. Trita Parsi et. al. — Brzezinski & Fukuyama protégé


Dear Drs. Trita Parsi and Muhammad Sahimi,

January 29, 2010


I take the liberty of forwarding you a snapshot of your article: ‘U.S. policy must factor in changed landscape in Iran’, taken today from with 5 comments by readers (cached) including myself. And I wonder if either or both of you would wish to elaborate, clarify, or offer any refutation. Beleaguered Iran is in the cross-hairs of hectoring hegemons as the entire world knows, and I feel that both of you are aiding in that mission against your own native nation. That confuses me and therefore I imagine that I merely mis-perceive. I hope you can kindly examine the 5 comments below and offer some clarification as to why they might be inaccurate.

I understand that you, Dr. Trita Parsi, are a Brzezinski & Fukuyama protégé (or student), like Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad was in his time. This is great because you might wish to also be aware that I have read almost everything Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski has publicly written, or has been declassified and easily accessible. I regularly read CFR documents, regularly peruse the national archives, and am also quite well acquainted, inter alia, with both Leo Strauss’ and Plato’s works and the self-proclaimed right of the ubermensch to shepherd humanity’s flock. So we have much common-ground when I candidly state that I understand plainly that “hegemony is as old as mankind”, as are its exponents and coterie of mercenaries, patsies, useful idiots, native informants, and including those suffering from the plague of “occidentosis” in our native developing nations who are duly harvested as dupes, patsies, and traitorous mercenaries to serve the imperial interests as fifth columnists. Therefore, I humbly urge you to keep that in mind as you cogently respond in order to not waste our precious time with preliminaries, and that you may directly cut to the heart of the matter noted in the comments.

I would also appreciate your insider’s assessment on what covert role the United States is playing in fomenting the “green revolution” in Iran – the “pro-democracy aspirations of the Iranian people” as you put it – and how is it doing it? Harvesting the natural disaffection, cultural, religious, and political cracks and lacunae of any people has been the forte of the white man since the East India Company perfected the technique of divide et impera. Today, it is the sine qua non for asymmetric warfare to succeed, and to which no erudite academic receiving awards from the Council on Foreign Relations can be a total stranger. Most in the world already know, lamentably only ex post facto, the distinguished role your mentor Dr. Brzezinski played to rally the Afghan Mujahideen with “god is on your side” mantra – but which even the most profound Western journalists when interviewing the grandmaster aren’t able to grasp with much significance to current affairs! I am sure the war-weary world would factually like to learn that information for beleaguered Iran today, before fait accompli seals Iran’s miserable fate. We already know the role Jundallah is playing in destabilizing Iran and carrying out terrorist operations from across the borders from Pakistan. And we of course know of the new crusading “soldiers of god” lined up today to invade/decimate Iran just as they did Iraq and Afghanistan. Clearly, you would not wish to see Iran pulverized as Iraq – I simply cannot come to accept such an insane conclusion for any rational peoples, let alone ones from as proud and fine a civilization as the Persians. At such existential thresholds, even the lowliest of the lowlies ally themselves against the external hectoring hegemons of their jungle, putting their own differences aside.

Please also permit me to draw your kind attention to my little Open Letter written to the ordinary, non-scholarly mainstream Iranian Expatriate who is today inexplicably imbued with the renewed white man’s overzealousness for “la mission civilisatrice” upon their own nation – a civilization that is far older and richer in heritage than all Western civilizations added together – and which further references, Dr. Parsi, your work:

I’ll simply close this letter with Adolph Hitler’s famous last words to his Generals in Bavaria (which as you well know were utilized to invade Iraq, inter alia, by your own Ph.D. thesis supervisor Dr Francis Fukuyama as the signatory to PNAC and to the many letters calling for the invasion of Iraq on the WMD pretext):

“[I will] give a propagandist reason for starting the war [and don’t] mind whether it was plausible or not. The victor will not be asked afterward whether he told the truth or not. In starting and waging a war it is not the right that matters, but victory.”

Thank you very much for your time.

With best regards,

Zahir Ebrahim
United States of America


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Open Letter to the Authors of ‘U.S. policy must factor in changed landscape in Iran’, Dr. Trita Parsi et. al. — Brzezinski & Fukuyama protégé