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Zahir’s Response to ‘No Results: 12 Billion Dollars Disappeared in Palestine’

Zahir’s Response to Kawther Salam’s ‘No Results: 12 Billion Dollars Disappeared in Palestine’

To: Kawther Salam

Subject: Zahir’s Response to ‘No Results: 12 Billion Dollars Disappeared in Palestine’

Date: March 30, 2010 | Replies March 31, 2010 | NB April 10, 2010

In Ref To: Report on the UN presentation by Dr. Ghania Malhis, chairwoman of the board of trustees at the Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute in Ramallah, on missing billions in foreign aid;

Dear Kawther Salam,

Hello, and thank you for keeping us updated on how the Palestinian genius mind thinks. My comment below is not about you, the courageous messenger, but pertinent to Dr. Ghania Malhis’ paper and its excerpt which you have posted. I hope to read that paper when I have the opportunity, but I wish to share the following observation which is entirely my first reaction to your article. I have come to trust my first-reactions. And it is principally this (albeit I am sending you this response privately, but if you feel it pertinent to a wider audience, feel free to post it including on PTT where I read your article).

Dr. Ghania Malhis’ excerpts reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Almost as if this conversation was occurring while sitting at the Mad Hatter’s round table at the Tea Party, with the Dormouse making its presentation on how there is never any progress in the Queen of Hearts’ transformation despite all the monies which have flowed in from the various critters who play croquet with her year-round.

What is wrong with some of these Palestinian intellectuals Kawther? I strongly suspect that the generations that have grown up under military occupation are so (involuntarily) mind-controlled and so overwhelmed with their daily oppression and struggle for daily survival, that the overarching struggle for Palestine has to be taken over by the newer Palestinian generation, one far more well-read of Western statecraft, of how patsies are made, and how red herrings crafted to continue onwards with the real game of accomplishing the agendas of conquest.

The mis-emphasis borne of this bizarre surprise that development funds are being lost is somewhat akin to the Poverty Alleviation Lab at MIT studying poverty under a microscope. They use many of the same modern jargon as in the text above, such as “socio-economic front”, etc. And I have yet to find anyone in that Economics Lab (and the last time I looked was several years ago so I sure hope this is no longer true, but it is very likely to still be true because their overarching un-stated agenda is to come up with only one solution for all the world’s poverty problems: population reduction) speak of the almost 56 trillion in third-world debt, and the debt servicing for it which sponges off most developing nations’ major chunk of development budget to construct perpetual debt-enslavement, as the principal cause of poverty in the world.

The purported altruistic development aid of donor agencies is mostly calculated to be squandered on nonsense, not on development – otherwise how can the people be kept colonized and under subjugation? How can their public commons be legally stolen through structural readjustment lending and privatization? Look at the WB largesse given to all developing nations. None have ever developed, unless empire wanted them developed, like South Korea, in the geopolitical calculus of hegemony. While the WB and its sister donor instruments like the Asian Development Bank, and yes also the ‘Arab donors’, continually harp on the local corruption being a key developmental problem, they actually aid and abet the very same corruption! The qualifications for becoming a politician in all third-world nations is how grotesquely corrupt they can be. And if they are willing to follow the western agenda, they are variously lauded, and also dispensed with when their time is up. While playing that role, they are of course variously assisted by the Mighty Wurlitzer and its public relations machinery, including false and controlled opposition and frequent airing of their already well-known corruptions to keep them in line.

I can go on and on here – but there is absolutely nothing new which would be added. John Perkins in his several books, as a WB/Main insider once upon a time, has provided a lot of data to back up the empirical visible reality of calculated economic debilitation, fund-squandering, and debt-strangulation in the guise of development in many different ways, each carefully tailored to the targeted region and the genius/resources of its people.

The real axis of the problem for your region is the obvious agenda for re-settling Palestine, and onwards to Eretz Yisrael. Calculated patsies, carefully profiled co-opted morons, and a handful of mercenaries are deliberately planted in the leadership to assist in that mission. Almost all of Palestine leadership, be it political, economic, or academic – and if there is an odd exception here and there, as I am sure there must be, their genuine public goodwill is fully drowned out to make any significant difference whatsoever – are part of that con-game. Knowingly or un-knowingly is irrelevant – for co-option is the only fruit that is borne by that tree of waging war by way of deception.

I am sorry – as a Pakistani, my nation is suffering a fate no different than yours. Both Pakistan and Israel were carved out about the same time by tearing the indigenous people and their respective lands asunder, and by the same imperial powers. Different modus operandi were employed once again as pertinent to each indigenous peoples. There is much in common between the two peoples in terms of shared fates, Palestine’s of course has been much worse, but few people reflect that more than several million peoples were forcibly displaced by the Partition of India in comparison to Palestinian less than one million. Numbers are important because they highlight the magnitude of a calamity. It is only in the numbers game that murder becomes ethnic cleansing, which becomes genocide, which becomes HolocaustTM, which in turn becomes the common cross around the neck of all humanity! While Pakistanis haven’t suffered the brutal occupation of a foreign power, my octogenarian intelligent mother recently asked me what was the difference between Pakistani Army killing its civilians in our own tribal-belt, and the Israelis doing it to the Palestinians! In fact, she argued it was far worse that we were doing it to our own peoples whereas the Jewish Zionists were only doing it to the ‘other’.

Not to needlessly digress here, in this specific instance of squandered donor development funds, the commonality once again is the calculated lack of development by having uber-corruption of the ‘house negroes’ be an integral part of the calculus of colonization. The same management principle is extended to servile client-state and to re-settling another peoples’ land.

Shedding crocodile tears on how development funds are being squandered is an old past time in my neck of the woods. Those crying the most often live in palaces and villas, drive around in new spanking Mercedes, and attend conferences in Europe rubbing shoulders with the intellectual who’s who. I have little sympathy with such tears whether shed in Palestine, Pakistan, or elsewhere. Focus on the agenda and the calculus of hegemony, not the tears.

To have any genuine development, the sine qua non is a free nation, a free people, and led by dignified self-respecting inspiring leaders pursuing indigenous policies in the best interest of those whom they govern. This is but a truism. The only other axis of real economic and/or military development is when geopolitical check is being crafted upon others, or as part of an axis of Allied power. Israel, and not Palestine, is in the latter category.

When the highest order bits of development are masked out by inhuman colonization which borders on genocide, where brutal military occupation orchestrates not just the systematic destruction of a people, their children, and their livelihood, but also their history and their culture, and where the most vile and corrupt mental midgets among the beleaguered people are installed to administer the bantustans using modus operandi developed in the most advanced Western psychological warfare labs in the world, I am not clear on who is the bigger patsy. Those lamenting the loss of the minuscule development funds sitting around a conference table in Europe and wasting valuable time, or those ignoring the highest order bits of the matter, again wasting precious time.

Besides, what is this 12 billion dollars amount over 15 years shared among 4-6 million hungry peoples being lamented in a modernity where Israel’s monstrous economy, including the gratuitous donations from the West and the HolocaustTM reparations, is at least twenty times that amount just per year? What could this minuscule drop have possibly done to alter the destiny of the ravaged people on ground zero between their various daily checkpoint humiliations, from being killed on an empty stomach to gleefully accepting the occupiers’ bullets on a full stomach?

The fact that this, ‘No Results: 12 Billion Dollars Disappeared in Palestine’, is a red herring should be obvious to everyone. The fact that the Palestinian leadership has been plagued by corruption, incompetence, and co-option from day one, and awarded Nobel Peace prizes and other accolades for effectively towing the agenda crafted for them in Tel Aviv and Washington while making appropriate overtures to their own peoples, is not news to anyone. The main purpose of such academic ‘revelations’ is to occupy intelligent peoples in wasting time on nonsense by having them focus on soap-operas of corruption instead of what might be genuinely efficacious, such as how the Rothschilds, world government, and Zionistan form a single calculus.

Time, which contrary to all Palestinian thinking, in my plebeian view at least, is Zionistan’s and the hectoring hegemons’ all-round best friend. This fact I have already argued elsewhere.

Thank you.

With best wishes,

Zahir Ebrahim



Kawther Salam’s Reply to the Letter:

On 3/31/10, Kawther Salam [ kawther_salam @ ] wrote:


by your own admission, you did not even care to read the paper of Dr. Malhis. 15 pages which can be read and understood in about 20 minutes.

I do not know your intention, but your original long Email came across here as lacking in polity, condescending and impugning Dr. Malhis and myself of not stating the obvious. Your original Email is exactly that: your opinion. It is OK in its own right, but it is not related to my article.

Please understand that I am busy and that I do not have time to write books as answer to reader Emails.


Zahir’s Reply March 31, 2010:

Hello. I read the full paper. Thank you for making it available. It does not change my letter. Here are my short observations, just FYI:

1) The facts reported in the paper in actuality support what I have written in my little letter. Namely, that the corruption is not inadvertent follies, although the paper presents them to be, but calculatingly built-into the system of occupation-subjugation-colonization-takeover by artful design so that in the end, just like the famous Oslo Peace Accords and other peace-processes mantras, precisely the outcome evidenced by the disclosed facts, is achieved. That endless trail of red herrings has already been explored in great depth here:

2) The material on pages 9-11 can be found in any number of UN development docs for almost any third-world country. I have seen similar “How to Move Forward” content, using almost similar vocabulary, for Pakistan for instance, and I vaguely recall similar lofty themes for Africa. If you remove the context of Palestine and replace with any third-world nation that is being harvested for its riches while keeping its indigenous people poor, and continually narrate/harp/design how to do their “socio-economic” development and how “It goes without saying that mistakes were made and resources were wasted.”, etceteras, you end up with this template! It is all a con-game as old as empire, while fleecing/shearing and/or slaughtering the sheep proceeds at full speed. A people’s only choice under such circumstance is whether they will be fleeced for their wool, or slaughtered for their sheep. These discussions of socio-economic development and Palestinian State are Alice in Wonderland. Just look at the empirical reality on the ground. There is no Palestinian state, never was intended to be, and there isn’t one! But pages 9-11 do not betray that fact on the ground. It harps the same mantras as empire’s lollipop to the Palestinian children: if you are good boys and girls, here is a Palestinian State!

3) In fact, pages 9-11 is mere sugar-coating crap if you understand the purpose of the United Nations. If you don’t, then you continually fall in its trap, attend its development conferences, and report facts and figures to rat on the very rats planted there by the very same people who are colonizing Palestine and keeping third-world nations poor. Are you aware of the purpose of the UN and its role towards world government (look up Global Governance if unfamiliar). Or do you merely report facts and figures without analysis, without comprehension, without history, and without political understanding of the exercise of hegemony on a global scale, the nexus of which runs through Zion and is controlled by the same peoples who control the UN, all European Governments, and the biggest sugar daddy supporting the theft of your land and your civilization, the United States?

In conclusion, no one is perfect. Least of all yours truly. I wasn’t writing a paper for publication, only a quick letter to you as a colleague expressing my fast thoughts that all this corruption you/Malhis are harping about as a great revelation of “Moses” is nothing new, but by design. I don’t intend to spend any more time on this obviousness. I urge you to re-read my letter for what’s fundamental, and please do overlook its many shortcomings. Unless you are a know it all and don’t intend to learn, only teach others, you might find a new angle to pursue for your own good work.

Best regards


– ### –

NB April 10, 2010:

The following Open Letter to Palestinian Intellectual was primarily motivated by Dr. Ghania Malhis’ paper and Journalist Kawther Salam’s inability to accept critique while she represents and/or covers the Palestinian interests publicly, in public forums, such as at this UN Conference. Her European identity papers say ‘Journalist’ which gives her remarkable access that is denied to the ordinary Palestinian, and so as a journalist exiled in Diaspora, she shows up at international moots. It is not at all clear to me whether either of them have any understanding of the Machiavellian orchestration of events in the world apart from their own abhorrent predicament so painfully visible to them in Palestine. As victims, I earnestly sympathize with their plight. However, that is not a license for their supporters to suffer foolishness. Sorry. Unless Palestinians get their damn intellectual act together, they will continue to live on handouts of sympathy from their well-wishers. Is that what their struggle been reduced to: words of sympathies for their narratives? No. I don’t accept that – and neither does any courageous Palestinian persisting to this day 62 years into the Nakba in refusing to surrender to the Zionists. That spirit of inexplicable defiant resistance against all odds to full spectrum overwhelming tyranny is indelibly captured by the dialog between Neo (Mr. Anderson) and Mr. Smith in the third of the Matrix Trilogy, Matrix Revolutions, at time 1:48:40 minutes (as Neo strugglingly gets up once again after being knocked down by Smith):

Mr. Smith:
Why Mr. Anderson, why, why, why do you do it?
Why, why get up?
Why keep fighting?
Do you believe you are fighting for something? For more than your survival?
Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know?
Is it freedom, or truth, perhaps peace, could it be for love?
Illusions Mr. Anderson, vagaries of perception.
Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose.
And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself. Although, only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love.
You must be able to see it Mr. Anderson.
You must know it by now.
You can’t win.
It’s pointless to keep fighting.
Why Mr. Anderson, why, why, do you persist?

Mr. Anderson (Neo):
Because I choose to.

And so, I must ask who are these public peoples who represent/cover/officiate Palestine and Palestinian interests who seem to have partially lost that spirit of defiance judging from their servile idiotic rehearsals of puppetshows created by the masters of discourse on international stage? Do they really represent the Palestinian interests, or their own narrow self-aggrandizing ones? Are they capable of forensic intellectual thought necessary for unraveling Machiavellian political science after 62 years of overwhelming intellectual onslaught in a cataclysm “whose parallel may only be the one of Sinai when something was revealed to mankind,” or only poetry of a tormented soul? How can others sympathetic to the Palestinian cause tell? We don’t know them personally. To whom are these public elite accountable for their sins of commission and their errors of omission? For their blind-sights? For their contributing to the puppetshows? For their signature authority over the destinies of their people? Should I judge these public persons’ work by their background of immense suffering, or by their competence for the complex intellectual struggle at hand? Should I hold my deconstruction of the puppetshows they engage in just because it’s a beleaguered suffering person who has offered us a report at the UN lest I hurt their sensitive feelings, or because a journalist who is living in exile in difficult circumstances, away from her home and loved ones, has brought it to us? Yes rather uncomfortable considerations – even asking them had me in cognitive dissonance for a while, which is also why I am submitting my comment ten days delayed.

But anyone who falls prey to these co-opting irrational feelings of remaining silent in false circumspection can’t possibly be a genuine friend of the child in Palestine still persisting in resisting the Goliath with tiny tiny hands. And I will frankly state again that I have little respect for Palestinian elite, both in their Diaspora, and on ground Zero who define the struggle for the Palestinians from the comforts of their co-option, mental laziness, and in complete obliviousness to puppetmasters behind the scene. So who are these elite? You know who you are – when truth rubs you the wrong way! While I empathize with your heart-wrenching narratives and your sufferings, Palestine is still here today even though a Palestinian state isn’t (it was never intended to be, and will not come to pass – the solution is only one and always has been, One Palestine Complete). That public empathy better be urgently harnessed to force effective ‘mens et manus’ actions upon the hectoring hegemons which are meaningful and useful to reclaiming Palestine for the Palestinians, rather than in rehearsing laments and offering prayers of goodwill for which there might be plenty of time in the future. That time is not here today. Do you hear me? That time is still not here today! Anyone may be in denial – but I refuse to accept Mr. Smith’s bombastic proclamation of “it’s inevitable”, just like Neo, just like the child in Palestine, just like the grandfather still refusing to give up his keys, just like the mother who refuses to go insane after burying her dead.

That refusal to surrender to obnoxious power is the spirit of Palestine. It is the hallmark of its peoples. Let its self-proclaimed intellectuals suffering the mental agonies of a brutal occupation not give it away as a gift to their oppressors by echoing their mantras, axioms, and puppetshows. For indeed, that same spirit of mental persistence must guide and sustain us all through the difficult transition epoch to the New World Order, of One-world government. Humanity’s resistance to it will surely become defined by the Palestinian resistance – and while few might perceive that today, all will drink from its fount of enduring strength tomorrow. Until of course, this transition epoch “Between Two Ages” finally passes into the stable dawn of scientific global dictatorship in the New Age of “Utopia” where there will be no human resistance to the will of the elite. All serfs will be happy in their voluntary servitude to the rulers of the world – or so Aldous Huxley to Zbigniew Brzezinski inform us in their plethora of writings on the Technetronic Revolution, the Ultimate Revolution.

The struggle against tyranny in Palestine is intimately linked to the struggle against tyranny in World Order. They have a common pedigree. Only its recognition is lacking. That recognition better arrive before the dawn of the cursed Utopia does!

I hope this preamble explains the overarching motivations for the Open Letter. Some Palestinians may not like to read what’s in it, but I am saying it anyway. It’s your choice to ignore it, or be upset with it, but I hope that you will instead choose to engage it, refute it, argue it, enhance its direction, refine it, generalize it, particularize, to make it the corner stone of a revived struggle which is intelligently seeded in both ‘mens et manus’, and entirely focussed on the one singular common oligarchic enemy of mankind. We have all the time in the World – NOT!!

Open Letter to Palestinian Intellectual:

Zahir Ebrahim


California, United States

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