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The Secret King of Zion – House of Rothschild and the new Roman Jerusalem By Zahir Ebrahim

The Secret King of Zion – House of Rothschild and the new Roman Jerusalem

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

In Reference To: Shadi Nassar’s A Very Dangerous Racial Israeli Publication in Jerusalem! March 18, 2010

Project responded on Friday March 19, 2010:


To me, this is not unexpected at all. Unless one comprehends what diabolical political-science underlies it all, one will continually be shocked into immobility by newer Zionist contortions like bewildered deer caught in a car’s headlights, or at best, react only in panic mode like a flock of sheep with a wolf in its midst.

Here is a conversation on Armenian Genocide. See at 0:30 minutes to understand why the Zionist Jews must drive out all the Amelekites to make room for the “Zion that will light up all the world”:

For a more detailed study, see this Flashback: Rachel Corrie in Global Context on her 7th Anniversary.

If one takes the time to carefully go through that material, one will realize there is only truth of the matter: the king of the Jews orchestrating Zionistan as well as world government, the Rothschilds.

Either the Palestinians are afraid of that strange name, and I don’t understand why they should be, or they are simply ignorant of it, and I don’t understand that either. Their land was granted to that name for heavens sake! Yet they hardly ever seem to mention it! Truth is truth no matter what it is or whom it offends.

And that truth is not about condemning the Jewish people (whether that in itself is myth or not is irrelevant) – but about condemning the Golem which has abused all people through subversion, indoctrination, infiltration, and through the waging wars by way of deception, even including upon the Jews themselves, by fabricating a multi-spectrum Zionism.

Strangely, the mighty golem itself is not Jewish. But it has manufactured, aids and abets, both the so called “Jewish left”, as well as the “Jewish right”. For the benefit of the former, it killed off god [successively] through the creation of Reform Judaism in 1820s. For the benefit of the latter, it has diabolically tried to bring-about the fulfillment of what is perceived as divine prophesy in the 2000 year old mythologies of the Torah and the Talmud. That includes the Old Testament of course. The world-government is its real agenda. And that plan goes through the creation of the new ‘Roman Jerusalem’ which will kill off all its native Amelekites!

The first-principle of this modus operandi was captured in this pithy wisdom of David Ben-Gurion: “What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”.

That one short statement is more profound and more fundamental to political science than Nicolo Machiavelli’s Prince. In its [orchestrated] chaos lies the seeds of both destruction, as well as the raising of the new phoenix from its ashes. In my view, it is a fallacy to tie this political science to the Talmud or to the Jewish misanthropic doctrines as the core prime-movers. The only prime-mover here is the lust to own the world. Infinite monies and obnoxious doctrines are merely its tool no differently than Islamofascism is its diabolical tool.

The Palestinians are simply the newest version of the Amelekites – a convenience fed to the misanthropic “Jewish right” because it works in seeding/creating/sustaining the requisite “revolutionary times”, i.e., fodder for a world war just like for the previous two world wars. For these idiotic misanthropic right-wing Judeofascist patsies, perhaps in a conceited benevolent sort of a way which is not at all strange for any ubermensch raised on the mother’s milk of the ‘chosen peoples’ mantra, this pamphleteering in Jerusalem is being rather merciful in permitting a temporary reprieve to their Amelekites.

But in the end, there will be no reprieve. The population reduction plan is very much to be administered to all the ‘lesser peoples’ and to all the ‘useless eaters’ on the planet who cannot be put to good serfdom. If this sounds fantastic, see the declassified NSSM 200, and the UN’s and David Rockefeller’s repeated expression of concern for the earth’s population explosion*.

The only possible way to defang such a monstrous Golem which is just too diabolically clever for the easily distracted plebeians, is to go on the offensive by exposing its role in the construction of recent history and in the orchestration of current affairs, in its devilishly fomenting wars, genocides, and pestilences as a means to create world government.

The various mythologies cultivated and harvested for this is just that, a harvest of a planned crop, just like Islamofascism. I am more than convinced based on my research that Zionism is merely a sophisticated Hegelian Dialectic, much in the same way as Islamofascism is, and Communism, Nazism, Fascism, were, and all bankrolled by the same financiers!

What has effectively transpired is that the Golem has succeeded in sowing so much confusion, and through their absolute control of media, education, and world’s politicians, that some really learned conscionable peoples rising to challenge the status quo have got hung-up on ancient mythologies and lost sight of the fact that it is merely only political science in the service of a new tyrannical world order no differently than [for] any previous Roman emperors.

These latter day rulers just use uber political science, harness ancient mythologies, harvest cultural cracks and lacunae, and utilize religions, dogmas and mantras, far better than anyone else before them!

Shedding focussed spotlight on the Golem is perhaps the only way available to the plebeians that has any effectiveness. The rest is merely chatter.

Zahir Ebrahim


* Footnote Added: “It is not a world that any of us would want to live in. Is such a world inevitable? It is not sure but there are two possible ways by which a world of 10 billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way.” (Robert McNamara, Speech to International bankers as Head of the World Bank, October 2, 1970. Also cited by Antony Sutton in ‘Trilaterals over America’, pg. 79)

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The Secret King of Zion – House of Rothschild and the new Roman Jerusalem By Zahir Ebrahim