Comment for Gilad Atzmon’s Declaration of the Movement for One Democratic State in Palestine

Not so fast – this is a bogus Movement!

By Zahir Ebrahim | Project

Any Movement which fails to appreciate the real prime-movers behind Zionism and the State of Israel, is at best a bogus movement. At worst, a controlled opposition contrived to mislead well-intentioned peoples’ energies on the treadmill of inefficacy with platitudinous pronouncements and manifestos [ ].

Here are some passages which explore the uncanny power of Zionistan:

When strident young Jews imbued with the spirit of Zionism make their “Aliyah” to reclaim their lost paradise from those ‘untermensch’ occupying their Promised Holy Lands, they are not just playing frivolous word games, or indulging in weekend protest marches shouting at the top of their lungs for justice to prevail in the Holy Lands only to go back to their own “bread and circuses” the next day. These young Zionists are actually quite dedicated, willing to sacrifice themselves for the categorical imperative inculcated into them since birth. To their mind, Israel Project is a moral self-defense to simply reclaim what has been theirs for 3000 years – as Shimon Peres remarked on the occasion of the 60th birthday celebration of Israel to George W. Bush: “Welcome to the new Israel: Three thousand years old, and going on sixty”. The underpinnings of the zealotry behind that celebration is examined here. [2]

As seen by these Zionist zealots, mankind throughout the ages had only usurped what was granted to the Jews by their god as a sacred gift – and the modern Zionists are merely reclaiming their own properties from the bad Goy, from the evil Amelekites divinely ordained to perdition at their hands anyway, and none shall stand in the holy way of their jihad. I personally know of no Palestinian in Diaspora who can match that zealotry and commitment to cause of the Zionists. Most Palestinians I know or have met in my life are content with shedding tears in silent remembrance, which of course breaks out in boisterous sloganeering every now and then, but ultimately take their Nakba “whose parallel may only be the one of Sinai when something was revealed to mankind”, as a divine test. “Hasbi-Allahu-wa-nai’mul-wakeel” is a common prayer on many a quivering Muslim lip. But I have seen many Jewish younglings in Zionists garb who have scared me by their Zionist fervor in no less a measure than perhaps any mind-controlled suicide bomber would scare me.

The fact that Zionism also killed off their god after he had made them his ‘chosen peoples’ and issued them Holy Land grants, is not insignificant, nor a nonsequitur. It is a real philosophy! It forms the real impetus behind the self-empowerment and self-reliance of the Jews in the precise tradition of Talmudic Judaism. This phenomenon has to be comprehended at many complex levels in order to understand the unusual and unmatched power of Zionistan in the world today. A tiny minority’s minority which can ride a sole superpower with just the flick of a wick, as well as all the mighty European powers who just 70 to 100 years ago were purportedly so very antagonistic to them, with such brazen impunity! What’s the source of such inexplicable power? Is the Jewish State comparable to South Africa? We only see the effects in common – which leads some to believe that the same sort of tactics as were used to end Apartheid in South Africa can also work on the Jewish State. Most fail to recognize that the Jewish State of modernity is unlike any other. It has the protection of an “Iron Wall” which never mind breach, few can even see. It is a singularity, an inexplicability whose parallel does not exist in the non-mythical annals of history.

To breach that “Iron Wall” first requires understanding what it is!

Zahir Ebrahim


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