WOW: Israel Shamir Works for Wikileaks – And He Did Not Tell Us About This When He Called Us ‘Denier’! By Zahir Ebrahim

WOW: Israel Shamir Works for Wikileaks – And He Did Not Tell Us About This When He Called Us ‘Denier’!

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

The photograph of Israel Shamir with Julian Assange lifts the fog on Israel Shamir's bizarre support of Wikileaks!
Caption The photograph of Israel Shamir with Julian Assange lifts the fog on Israel Shamir’s bizarre support of Wikileaks! But why did Israel Shamir not disclose his close association with Julian Assange when he called Zahir Ebrahim a ‘denier‘? (Image via aangirfan via the Swedish

My response to the unexpected confirmation that ASSANGE & SHAMIR – DISINFORMATION AGENTS?, is reproduced below. This case once again underscores the fact that the beleaguered public, wildly searching for leaders and guidance among the alternate media and the various dissent-chiefs who dominate it, simply cannot trust anyone to be who they claim they are just because they play dissent. See my report Manufacturing Dissent. As also my recent discovery concerning the famous rebel-author on banking reform, Ellen Brown, J.D.!

While dissent-chief extraordinaire, recovering former Israeli Military Occupation Forces Russian-Jewish soldier for Zion, turned Swedish-Christian pacifist-soldier for Jesus, a favorite of many beleaguered Muslims, speaker to many an audience worldwide, Israel Shamir’s bizarredom is cogently explained by this new revelation of his association with Julian Assange, Ellen Brown’s bizarre statements: “Of course the oligarchy is the problem, but that doesn’t mean we can’t steer the Fed. Bernanke drives a Ford Falcon. I think he’s one of us!”, and “the U.S. is the last holdout, and the Fed is what’s holding us out. Bernanke is standing up to the Gnomes of Zurich and Basel”, still remain inexplicable. Are these two secretly friends too?

This explains much to me. Thanks [to blogger writing under the nom de plume aangirfan] for discovering the references that Israel Shamir actually works for Wikileaks!

I was initially very surprised when Israel Shamir, with whom I had corresponded a few times over the years, mentioned my name in one of his articles along with others, and wrote:

‘Theirs are familiar and respected names of the free web: F. William Engdahl, Gordon Duff, Zahir Ebrahim.’

‘They are not to be accused of collaboration with Pentagon and the CIA.’

And then he went on to strangely label me a “denier”:

‘A second denier, young Pakistani intellectual cum American Ivy League graduate Zahir Ebrahim, writes: “The core-lies retained in the Wikileaks’ disclosure is to once again reaffirm that there is a real nemesis called “Osama Bin Laden”, that the “war on terror” is real, that it is being inflicted upon the West from the Pakistan-Iran nexus, in order to re-substantiate the handoff of former President George W. Bush’s clairvoyance to the Obama Administration that “If another September 11 style attack is being planned, it probably is being plotted in Pakistan, and not Afghanistan”!

Zahir makes the same mistake. The files are the reports of what US officials believe or claim to believe. I’d ask Zahir: if you were to get hold of all reports sent from and to Afghanistan, would you censor them to remove ideas and names that are not to your liking? Remember, these are not files from God Almighty, this is the kind of stuff that spooks and soldiers write, and it naturally reflects their view of the world. So it is not “core-lies”, but “core-truth”: US officials express under the stamp of “top secret” the very same views they openly espouse.’

I couldn’t believe this load of crap – he first published it in the article titled “Wikileaks: The Real Stuff” (subsequently also published under other titles I believe), and then forwarded it to me and others mentioned for comment without disclosing that he actually worked for Wikileaks (!!)

While I had him pegged as a disinfo artist immediately, I couldn’t really grasp his motivation.

Why would a stellar dissent-chief coasting on his reputation with a loyal following of sycophant (like all other dissent-chiefs) be so stupid as to believe any of that Wikileaks business when it was all so transparent, and he was supposedly a very learned person with command of this and that, and all that? But Chomsky and Ellsberg believed it too – and I already knew them to be controlled dissent. So, since a man is known by the mantras he echoes, was Israel Shamir too one of them? How did that transpire – for it wasn’t at all obvious from what little I knew of his background. I had in fact met him at Stanford University many years ago when he came there to give a talk, and I had come away rather impressed by the metanoia of this fellow, even mentioning his metanoia in one of my essays.

The fog is lifted here, just by looking at the photograph above!

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

January 19, 2011 Comment for:

Addendum Wednesday January 26, 2011

For the benefit of lazy dopes naturally un-inclined to make their own adjudication on the veracity of any matter, never mind bothering to click on the links provided in the text above to do their own due diligence: ASSANGE & SHAMIR – DISINFORMATION AGENTS?, references, Swedish, below is explicit confirmation from both The Moscow Times, and Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson, of Israel Shamir’s involvement with Wikileaks. It is trivially discovered just by clicking those aforementioned study links in one’s browser and simply following the trail of crumbs until one reaches the primary sources of reportage. One still has to use one’s head to make sense of what one is reading, but material discovery is mostly the low hanging fruit of the tree in the age of the internet. At least for now.

Performing one’s own due diligence in an age where “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State” is simply commonsense. But of course, such straightforward acumen is not to be displayed by partisans who break bread at the tables of the Mighty Wurltizer. Nor unfortunately, by lazy peoples who incessantly demand proof as they themselves ‘United We Stand’ with officialdom. Let me show the latter just how easy it is to research a news topic – but unfortunately, I can’t show anyone how to use their own head. As some suggest, less than 2% people actually think, 8% think they think, and 90% would not be caught dead thinking!

The first link of interest in aangirfan’s blog article ASSANGE & SHAMIR – DISINFORMATION AGENTS? is to the Reason Magazine article of December 14, 2010 by Michael C. Moynihan, Assange’s Extremist Employees, so we immediately go there to examine our first clue at the source (there are other interesting links in aangirfan’s article as well, but this is sufficient for my limited purpose as I am mainly concerned here with outing the reality behind Israel Shamir gratuitously labeling us ‘denier’):

‘But it has now been revealed that Israel Shamir, when he is not accusing Assange’s accusers of setting CIA honey traps, works with WikiLeaks in an official capacity. According to reports in the Swedish and Russian media, the broad strokes of which have been confirmed by a WikiLeaks spokesman, Shamir serves as the group’s content aggregator in Russia, the man who “selects and distributes” the cables to Russian news organizations, according to an investigation by Swedish public radio. In the newspaper Expressen, Magnus Ljunggren, an emeritus professor of Russian literature at Gothenburg University, outlined Shamir’s close ties to WikiLeaks and his position “spreading the documents in Russia.” (The article is illustrated with a picture of Assange and Shamir in an unidentified office.) — Reason Magazine (cached)

That yields a minefield of new leads. So next, we visit the link to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, and getting Google to translate it into almost understandable English, we learn that it’s titled: ‘Daddy’s boy?’. The Swedish newspaper article is written by Magnus Ljunggren, Professor Emeritus of Russian Literature at the University of Gothenburg, who is revealing how Israel Shamir and his son John Wahlstrom, both work for Wikileaks in Russia and Sweden respectively:

‘Shamir and Wahl have two contacts with the Russian weekly magazine Russkij scratches bucks, whose editor was especially invited to the Moscow conference. Behind the main content of the new number – a number Wikileaksavslöjanden – stands Shamir. In an extensive commentary, jointly signed by the editor and Shamir and bearing the title “How the world will explode in the air of a great Wikileaks’, explained that the latter has exclusive access to Assanges documentation – in the same way, therefore, that the son in Sweden.’

Not entirely relying on the accuracy of semantics of that automatically translated verbiage from Swedish into English, but still grateful to Expressen for the serendipitous harvest of the photograph of Assange and Shamir responsible for the lifting of the fog for me, and further discovering a new lead at the end of the Expressen article to Karin Olsson’s blog which will eventually take us to an audio interview with Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson, we next click on the other reference in the Reason Magazine article, the “content aggregator in Russia” to get to the next source.

Voilà, through the magic of the internet, that click takes us half way around the world to The Moscow Times headline ‘Putin Bristles Over Leaked U.S. Cables’ of December 10, 2010. Here, we reliably learn the next major facts which had also contributed to the lifting of the fog for me. This news report demonstrates that the gallant rebel leader of dissent, Mr. Israel Shamir, is far more “accredited” with Wikileaks than he cared to betray in his partisan article where he dared to label me a ‘denier’ while presenting himself as an impartial journalist/observer:

‘The magazine has been in close contact with Assange since this summer and had access to hundreds of cables containing Russia-related information, deputy editor Vladimir Shpak said.

Shpak refuted criticism that Russian Reporter, which belongs to the Kremlin-friendly Expert publishing group, was withholding material damning to the authorities.

“You can read allegations arguing the exact opposite — that we just publish damning material — in the patriotic press,” he said by phone.

The magazine has cooperated with Israel Shamir, a Russian-born Israeli journalist, on WikiLeaks. But Shpak denied that Shamir alone was responsible for the magazine’s access to WikiLeaks.

Shamir said by phone that he was a freelancer who was “accredited” to WikiLeaks. “This means I have working relations with them but does not mean going to the banya together,” he said.

He also denied allegations that one of the cables quoted by Russian Reporter was forged.

Writing in The Moscow Times earlier this week, liberal journalist Yulia Latynina said the magazine had made up quotes from a report about EU diplomats’ instructions before a speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“The cable is real, it has just not been published yet,” Shamir said.’ — The Moscow Times (cached)

So, we learn from The Moscow Times that besides confessing to being “accredited” to Wikileaks, by his own admission Israel Shamir also knows a great deal more about Wikileaks business and the status of some secret document in Wikileaks’ cache, first hand: “cable is real, it has just not been published yet,”! Only a closely cooperating insider with Wikileaks can have that knowledge – and such colluding intimacy is entirely captured in the photograph with Julian Assange in the undisclosed office!

That further helps explain why israel Shamir is going to bat so strenuously for the legitimacy of Wikileaks and his confrere Julian Assange, including in the article in which he had labeled me ‘denier’. Israel Shamir is only protecting the source of his and his son’s livelihood – they each peddle Wikileaks in their respective territories! The fog is entirely lifted.

With that settled, we really want to see what the Wikileaks folks themselves have to say about their involvement with Israel Shamir. So next we visit Karin Olsson’s blog which was pointed to by Expressen, to the article which Google translated the title as: ‘Wikileaks messenger – Wahlstrom and Shamir – must be reviewed’, and discover the following useful link amidst a bunch of inconsequential discussion:

‘UPDATE 10/12 14:10: Because Expressen Kultur’s article today has P1’s media put out Saturday’s program in advance. There Wikileaks spokesperson confirms that Israel Shamir is working for them and that they know of his anti-Semitic background. They also have an interview with Israel Shamir denies his paternity of Wahlstrom. Hear element here.

When we click on Hear element, through Google translate we get the following (complete text):

‘Confirmed for the media: notorious anti-Semite working on Wikileaks

Published: Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 11:49

The infamous antisemitiske commentator Israel Shamir – who among other things written that it is every Christian’s and Muslim’s duty to deny the Holocaust – is working to select and disseminate Wikileaks diplomatic compromise.

He has the same role in Russia as his son John Wahlstrom has been in Scandinavia. This, we have produced this week – in parallel with a writer for Expressen, which on Friday published some of the same data.

It is Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson confirming the media Israel Shamir involvement with Wikileaks – but would not accept that there would be no problem for the organization.

The media can also tell you that the management of Wikileaks today do not have full control of the leaked material – media in Iceland, as reported to the media published the news based on diplomatic leak without having had access to it from Wikileaks.

The same thing is said to apply to a Lebanese newspaper.’

And at the end of that text, we finally discover the link to the audio interview: Wikileaks works with notorious AntiSemite Medierna SR Sweden by Medierna

Hope one can enjoy learning Swedish with interspersed English – with the Wikileaks spokesman confirming that Israel Shamir’s status with Wikileaks as anything but zero.

All of that due diligence had taken me less than 30 minutes at best when I had my WOW moment a week ago. It has taken me considerably longer to type this Addendum!


Unfortunately, one can bring the pond to the horse, but still can’t force it to drink. These same peoples, along with the stooges of the Mighty Wurlitzer, will be the first ones to once again stand in line to salute the flag when the President of the United States will offer the next dialectical ultimatum: “either you are with us, or with the aliens”! The increasing pace of mantra cultivation in both mainstream and alternate media, quoting this and that expert, suggests that a manufactured Clash of Planets, just like the present day manufactured Clash of Civilizations, is likely to materialize perhaps within our own lifetime.

Addendum-II Monday February 14, 2011

A hat tip to David Icke’s Forum, and to the Occidental Observer, (with thanks to reprinthops), for identifying this unarguable new connection of the Rothschilds to current affairs du jour, and to Julian Assange and Wikileaks! Therefore, by direct association, to Israel Shamir.

‘It has emerged recently that Assange is in the UK since October which means that all those three successive and massive US documents “leaks” have been orchestrated by him from his secret residence in the UK.

So why is this done from the UK. The answer is because that is where he is the closest from his masters, the super powerful dynastic Rothschild banking and zionist family.

And now here comes the proof that this is indeed the case:

Assange’s lawyer is the prominent Mark Stephens whose law firm Finers Stephens Innocent is legal adviser to the Rothschild Waddesdon Trust which is concerned with the “maintenance, improvement and payment of certain of the outgoings in respect of Waddesdon Manor (Rothschild’s most prestigious property in the UK) in the Vale of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.”

The Wadesdon Trust’s board of trustees is chaired by the Queen”s former Private Secretary Lord Fellowes and has three Rothschild family members as trustees, Lord (Jacob) Rothschild, Lady Rothschild (his wife) and Beth Matilda Rothschild. It is domiciled 14 St James’s Place in London which is also the London address of Lord Jacob Rothschild and his high profile wealth management business St. James’s Place Group (formerly J. Rothschild Assurance Group).

Besides that, and as a side note, Mark Stephens law firm Finers Stephens Innocent appears to have a strong focus in providing tax avoidance advisory services to mega-rich customers (see Michael Lewis and Simon Malkiel particularly) such as, I suspect, Sir Philip Green who advises the government on how to recover the mega money his and his peers avoid to pay in taxes thanks to the services of Finers Stephens Innocent’s lawyers by squeezing public services, etc….

In summary Assange’s lawyer is a high profile establishment lawyer whose law firm works for the Rothschilds.

It seems to me that this is proof enough that Assange is a Rothschild puppet and that Wikileaks is a Rothschild operation.’ — David Icke’s Forum

WikiLeaks Leaks: Tagging who is whose bitch (Image via Occidental Observer)

Caption WikiLeaks Leaks: Tagging who is whose bitch (Image via Occidental Observer)

My goodness, not only is Casa de Rothschild quite invisible, and omnipotent, but also omniscient – all, arguably, characteristics of any god. Hence, a plebeian would be entirely delinquent in deferential behavior if he did not refer to the House of Rothschild as the godfathers, not just of the jews, but also of the ruling states which they manipulate and control from behind the scenes as the invisible oligarchy. But this designation is not to be confused with Mario Puzo’s 1970s movie The Godfather. There is no connection. I use the lower case “g”, as in godparents, godmother, godfather. Okay?

A second primary reason there is no connection whatsoever is because Mario Puzo’s Godfather cabal comprised merely vulgar thugs and small time crooks. They broke laws and killed in rather small numbers so that their crime was called murder, and they mostly only killed other vulgar thugs. But in the behind the scenes management of statecraft by the controlling oligarchy, we are concerned with the very making of the laws ab initio to suit the grafts fit for kings, and the killing of the innocents in very very large numbers, almost always to the sound of trumpets.

Highlighting this difference further, in the former case of the Godfather cabal, the state can almost always be counted upon to catch the murderous pirates one way or another, depending on the level of petty political corruption in the policing hierarchy. In the latter case, of the godfathers of empire, the state can always be counted upon, under all circumstances, to directly protect its godfathers with the nation’s entire Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and civilian police battalions, as is often witnessed at every Bilderberger meetings.

And lastly, in the case of the Godfather cabal, almost all intellectual savants of empire can be counted upon to condemn the pirates and their plunderings, including any failure of the state’s politicians to capture the Godfathers quickly enough. Whereas, in the case of the godfathers of empire, the same intellectuals can invariably be counted upon to instead always faithfully feign ignorance of the godfathers’ very existence, variously demand incontrovertible “evidence” when called out on their omissions by an oddball here and there, and label those who might persist in providing such evidence, ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘crazy peoples’, and ‘deniers’.

But perhaps the unarguably clearest articulation of difference between the Godfather running from the state, and the godfather protected by the state, is I believe in St. Augustine’s depiction in the following dialog fragment from his epitome to Western morality, The City of God Against the Pagans:

“When the King asked him what he meant by infesting the sea, the pirate defiantly replied: ‘the same as you do when you infest the whole world; but because I do it with a little ship I am called a robber, and because you do it with a great fleet, you are an emperor.’”

In conclusion, there is surely no further need for anyone to merely guess which side Israel Shamir’s freshly baked bread is buttered daily, the direct protection of which the rebel leader extraordinare, had dared to call this scribe a ‘denier‘! Now everyone just knows it. And if the Casa de Rothschild is also the godfather of the Jews, then Israel Shamir’s secret association with his benefactors in his staunch alliance with Wikileaks and Julian Assange – a Rothschild project – is also quite understandable. Israel Shamir, by his own admission, was once a member of the conquering Israeli military which has laid siege to Palestine and to the Arab lands – Zionistan: another Rothschild project – before he says he discovered his love of Jesus.

In postscript, I have to finally observe that Israel Shamir’s metanoia is eerily similar to that of the historical Jew named Saul, once a staunch antagonist of the gentiles, who, on the road to Damascus, suddenly transformed into the reborn rebel named Paul, the ardent friend of all gentiles. Saul’s friendly metanoia into Paul created Pauline Christianity, the future bedrock of Christian Rome and the Catholic Church, canonized as such by the Roman Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea, which subsequently ruled the European Dark Ages for centuries as the Western half of Christendom. Israel Shamir’s metanoia too, by his own admission, created a new friend of Palestine, a new rebel leader was born, a friend of all gentiles of the world, especially of the Muslims, with an overt and rabid hatred for anything Jewish, just like Paul.

Such metanoias of the white man (see my confusions inPart-4 and Part-5), keep this plebeian scribe under a perpetual state of confusion. Pious folks – please just stay who you are, and just be the good ‘untermenschen’ the way you are! It will surely make the life for the rest of us ‘untermenschen’ a lot simpler not having such friends. I am sure God, if there is such a Being, one who has any interest in human beings, one who has abstractions like Judgment Day to call behavior to account, will love those who don’t oppress others, who don’t become the purveyors of falsehoods and deceit, especially in Its name, no matter what their initial religion, caste, color, sex, or creed! Otherwise – who needs a partial god who has preferences over people not based on their acts of free will, but based on their DNA?

Some rationalists may go a step further and proclaim who needs any antiquated notions of divinity to be virtuous? The only metanoia in the modern age should be to Secular Humanism – the age of laws and regulations. Wonderful, ain’t it – when the lawmakers are themselves godfathers?

But I don’t go that far! I like to imagine a Divine Being who is Just to all human beings, and not morally relativistic. This belief keeps me going in the hope that at least someday, the wronged, since time immemorial, shall surely have their day, in some Heavenly court, and will finally earn their fair recompense! That belief, that hope filled state of voluntary servitude for some, Karl Marx termed the opiate of the people.

But for countless plebeians like me, it is a moral imperative which drives us on, to continually strive, and not to yield before either, the Godfather or the godfather – capitalized or not – and their two-bit shills! In the bath houses of the hectoring hegemons, they all look alike!

Postscript Monday, November 11, 2013

The age of deception

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

George Orwell observed that: In the age of universal deceit to tell the truth is a revolutionary act. I would humbly like to trump that truism with an even greater one: In the age of universal deceit, to learn the truth is a revolutionary act!

One of the former directors of the CIA responsible for counter-insurgency (counter-intelligence) operations in the United States, from 1954-1974, and under whose watch all the prominent assassinations of the 1960s transpired, James Jesus Angleton, is reported to have observed two additional universal truths: 1) When everything the American people believe is false, we will know that our disinformation (or propaganda) is complete; 2) Deception is a state of mind and the mind of state.

It would appear that the spymaster JJ Angleton far better understood the public mind than the seminal novelist George Orwell.

The revolution Orwell endeared his generations of readers toward is next to impossible when reality is brought to the public mind wrapped in layers of deception, like an onion. The exposé of Israel Shamir is the rare oddity that these layers of deceit got automatically peeled away by a single photograph. It does not normally happen — which is why dissent-con artists are able to thrive in the West so prolifically.

What is truth and what is falsehood?

Who is the con man and who is the prophet?

Almost impossible to disambiguate in today’s modernity — and that is part of the success of the hard road to world order —– from Palestine to World Government.

While the Western and Eastern fools, the useful idiots, and assorted Trojan horses planted from academia to academia, from NGOs to NGOs, from media to media, and from politics to politics, both Republican and Democrat, both Left and Right, and all degrees in between, as the key assets of the oligarchy continue to rehearse the crimes of state, the oligarchy that controls the state and its statesmen continues its march to global governance making it all look like happenstance of state sponsored hegemony.

No — it is not the Hans Morganthu’s state which is the first actor in the crimes against humanity. It is the behind the scenes conspirators, in an open conspiracy, who are the primordial first actors, and from whose primacy acts all the evil follows which is cleverly, and legally, blamed upon the state.

It is they who weave the onion of deception, making it so systemic, and endemic, that it becomes like the air we breathe, unnoticed. But it necessarily cradles all our thoughts and acts in the presuppositions bequeathed to our learning about the world. And most important, it also cradles our conscience, our resistance, and our willing compliance.

We simply are unable to escape those presuppositions when even our most learned teachers, our most notable consciences, our best moral minds, are in on the act as the Hegelian Dialectic of Deception. Because, without it, that state of mind that is the singular target of perception management from generation to generation, from school to school, and from nation to nation by the ruling state that dictates all narratives of history, the education curriculum, and the parameters of acceptable discourse, cannot transpire.

These are the controllers outside the cave that Plato spoke of in his allegory of the cave in The Republic 2500 years ago.

The case of Israel Shamir is a most unusual case of all layers of the onion, all dramas enacted on Plato’s cave before the prisoners of the cave, coming apart with a single photograph. The serendipitous unraveling of this case betrays the causal connections on the Hard Road to World Order between its assets and the oligarchy. These connections, always nebulous, always removed from the first cause with many degrees of separation, became visible in this one case — because of the stupidity of Israel Shamir. He helps us understand the modern snake oil Superman as distinct from the nearly extinct Songbird

More examples of notable names playing the Hegelian Dialectic of Dissent are in my Report on the Mighty Wurlitzer and in Songbird or Superman – You Decide! .

A déjà vu to keep reminding ourselves that no one, absolutely no one, in modernity may be as they claim to be.  Perception management is the most essential instrument of statecraft today. It trivially enables behavior control of the public mind, with the public mind itself consenting to its own servitude.

No psychology, sociology, and international relations professor in the entire Western academe, news media, and officialdom to politicaldom dare go there! Until it is all ex post facto – as was the case for the million thesis volumes on the “banality of evil” at the conclusion of the Third Reich!

For your reading pleasure.

Thank you,

Zahir Ebrahim


Postscript Thursday, November 14, 2013

Letter to Israel Shamir seeking his side of the story

From: Project <>

To: Israel Shamir <>,,

Cc: Gordon Duf <>

Subject: Your response solicited to: WOW: Israel Shamir Works for Wikileaks!

Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 8:19 AM

Dear Israel Shamir,


I would like to invite any response you would like to give to my missive below written in 2011, and I’d be happy to append it as your clarification of why you did not disclose your close ties to Julian Assange and Wikileaks when you called me and others ‘denier’. I am sure that those who keep coming to this article on my website would still like to learn your side of this as well; that how does a brilliant dissent-chief, a man of conscience, a Saul turned Paul, turn out to be a con man for the new Romans? It can’t be just the bread — for you were quite well-fed as a Jew. The transformation to Christianity surely was more than buttering the bread on both sides. Were did that metanoia go — that the end transformation was eventually to a Machiavelli?

These are the poor questions I am left with in the absence of your clarifications — and I invite your corrections if the impression created by your stupidity of connivingly shilling for wikileaks, daring to go so far as accusing my skepticism of this new Mighty Wurlitzer as akin to being a ‘holocaust denier’ by using the well-worn Jewish propaganda term ‘denier’, is misapprehended or unjust. I will hasten to correct my questions.


Zahir Ebrahim



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