Viewpoint: Instrumenting Kosovo in the ‘arc of crisis’ and the ‘global zone of percolating violence’ By Zahir Ebrahim

Viewpoint: Instrumenting Kosovo in the ‘arc of crisis’ and the ‘global zone of percolating violence’

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Saturday March 05, 2011 6:00 PM PST | Last Update March 19, 2011

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Caption Libyan rebels repel attacks as refugees flee Ajdabiya Eastern Libya, March 03, 2011 (AP Photo Kevin Frayer, image via sacbee)

Fool us once shame on you; fool us twice shame on us; fool us repeatedly, curse on us!

The pertinent news headlines in just this first week of March 2011 point to one of the obvious covert agendas behind this sudden “revolution” bubble throughout the Middle East:

In the absence of any genuine political leadership in our Middle Eastern nations due to decades of oppressive autocratic rules by various praetorian guards from among the Muslims, i.e., House Negroes of empire, the vacuum has to be filled when these are suddenly removed.

I had already observed some rocket science (sic!) in part-2 in anticipation of the third headline noted above:

‘This theme repeats over and over again with variations. Sometimes, the preferred military dictator brought about with a coup, is replaced by a hand-picked malleable corrupt bastard under the facade of elections, leaving a wake of public discontent in either case, and then musical chairs begin again as the society is led by its nose towards more orchestrated chaos and insecurity. The same deadly “music” is perhaps being played in Egypt and Tunisia. With “militant” Islam poised to take hold of both nations – as per the natural aspirations of the peoples after decades of oppressive secular rule – it is rather transparent that the ‘arc of crisis’ is being primed for radicalization.’

Therefore, apart from new stooges appointed/selected/elected to lead our nations, either as protagonists, or as antagonists (as per the Hegelian Dialectic already explained elsewhere), from the other headlines in establishment’s own newspapers, it should now be apparent to even the most dunce non rocket scientists that the introduction of international “peace keeping” forces is part of the agenda behind creating this sudden vacuum in power in the Middle East. As reported in the first headline noted above by Press TV:

‘The US, along with Britain and France, has also sent hundreds of Special Forces to Libya’s east. The forces are setting up bases in the cities of Benghazi and Tobruk. The move comes against the backdrop of heated discussions over the possibility of imposing a no-fly zone on Libya, and a NATO-backed military intervention.

The US Senate on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution urging the world to consider imposing a no-fly zone over Libya and condemning Gaddafi’s bloody crackdown on Libyan civilians. Lawmakers approved the measure, which “applauds” demonstrators demanding democratic reforms and “strongly condemns” Gaddafi’s response.’

To fully comprehend this agenda, one has to penetratingly understand what transpired in Kosovo in the 1990s, and what was the end result. The internationalization of the United Nations and NATO “peace keeping” forces in order to maintain peace and stability among a fractious people unable to govern themselves like civilized human beings. Kosovo set the legal, and UN sanctioned precedent for how the World Order of one-world government is to be principally governed. That agenda is not new. It has been amply discussed by others. It is also frequently referenced in the many publicly available strategy documents and books of empire.

That very end result in the case of Middle East, throughout the arc of crisis in the global zone of percolating violence, is evidently being sought through these manufactured “revolutions” which only seed chaos, civil war, Muslim on Muslim ethnic/religious/political violence, all leading to the demoralization and disintegration of the cohesive social fabric under the auspices of 4th, 5th, 6th, … generation warfare methods designed to destroy nations and societies from within. Just as was done to Serbia. And just as has been implemented successfully in Iraq. By taking the public through calculated extremes of stress-relief cycles, by means of war, or civil war, the indigenous masses are systematically primed to eventually accept whatever solution is imposed upon them in the brief relief periods, as their existential necessities of survival. It matters little if such acceptances are contrived through “elected parliaments”, enforced by invasion forces by the fiat of conquest, or by “peace keeping” forces.

The end result is that the people end up losing all their national sovereignty, in anything and everything which is meaningful to being a nation rather than an administrative colony. Our nations have already lost most everything at the altar of the World Bank and the IMF. Our armed forces were already working over time in carrying the white man’s burden. Now, even that veneer is to be stripped for complete capitulation, to the vaunted International Peace Keepers being introduced, ostensibly, to support/protect (and arm and train) the rebels as was reported by Fox News and AP in the usual camouflaged language of deception: “And while he [Defense Secretary Robert Gates] did not rule out other options, such as providing air cover for Libyan rebels, he made clear he has little enthusiasm for direct military intervention.” Initially, fomenting an armed civil war will do just fine to soften up the target from within, as the news headlines in the UK Independent screamed on March 07, 2011: ‘Obama asks Saudis to airlift weapons into Benghazi – America’s secret plan to arm Libya’s rebels’. Setting the Muslim patsies up in Libya just like we did for years in Iraq would facilitate further justifiable intervention, announced the UK Telegraph on March 08, 2011: ‘David Cameron and President Barack Obama have announced a ‘full spectrum’ of action on Libya’.

The brilliant ‘full spectrum’ of action on Libya’ is to be drawn directly from the very successful Iraqi template, since the desperate Muslim polity in the Middle East evidently still don’t seem to have a damn clue what we are up to:

‘A joint British and US statement said a plan for a no-fly zone, as requested by many of the rebels, was among the ideas being discussed. Action would also include surveillance and enforcement of the arms embargo against Libya. …

The significance of control over Libya’s oil facilities was emphasised when William Hague, the foreign secretary, told MPs he was considering whether to push for international action to take billions of dollars of Libyan oil revenues away from the Gaddafi regime and put them under United Nations control.

The plan, inspired by the oil-for-food system imposed on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, would require a decision by the United Nations Security Council, which is already under pressure to impose a no-fly zone over Libya in light of Col Gaddafi’s use of air power to try to crush the rebellion against his 41-year-rule.’

When will the Muslim fools learn?

This is the meaning of the prescience of the ‘arc of crisis’ in the ‘global zone of percolating violence’. How else does such remarkable foresight come about, decades before the percolating violence, unless it is orchestrated with long term planning and social engineering? The agenda for world government has been in systematic piece meal enactment for over a hundred years. See: Of Ostriches and Rebels on The Hard Road to World Order.

In every nation as it exists today, among every peoples, eventually, only veneers and facades will be left behind, some respectable, and some antagonistic in order to be able to escalate the white man’s “threat level” for its own domestic consumption to Defcon 2 as needed. Pakistan is a shining example of continuing exactly the same policies as were in place under the decade long dictatorial reign of General Musharaf – all in support of the “massa”. And today, Pakistan and Iran, the beneficiary of the Iranian mob-revolution, constitute the core pretext for ever going to Defcon 2!

The uber learned and other brilliant savants affiliated with the conquered societies always seem to dutifully rise to the occasion of heralding “change” that is brought to their shores – often by getting the people to ask for “change” themselves.

From America’s “change” president, to Pakistan’s “change” president, to all the “regime changes” planned in the ‘global zone of percolating violence’, can anyone identify specific changes which have been beneficial to the independence of those nations? No.

And these same savants always also seem to be the ones to justify the solutions brought by the white man when it is most necessary to genuinely and effectively oppose them with efficacy. Carrying the white man’s burden is evidently back in full vogue. But to any half astute observer of geopolitics, it would appear to actually never ever have gone out of fashion since time immemorial, despite Rudyard Kipling’s poetic laments in 1899 that the West wasn’t carrying its fair share of the white man’s burden in the Philippines. These savants with lofty titles and marketable associations, either knowingly as mercenaries and stooges, or unwittingly as useful idiots, outright refuse to preemptively see the subversive game plan of conquest through deception, when it can actually be defeated by understanding the agenda of the enemy. Then, meaning now when breaking events in the Middle East are overtaking the commonsense of most intelligentsia, when it is utmost essential to be able to distinguish between cause and effects with forensic clarity, when it is urgently necessary to not be carried away by the visible dramas being enacted among the public, and when it is an existential imperative to comprehend the invisible subversive forces at play in order to defeat them, these brilliant minds suddenly become parrots of empire echoing its narratives!

Later, ex post facto, once the fait accompli is sewn tight, they will suddenly transform into the useful rebels of empire shouting war crimes tribunals – and for whom? For the previous crop of errand boys and girls of empire which has absolutely no relevance to the new atrocities being created on the ground by their replacements with the same, and sometimes more, impunity. My website documents my many letters to useful idiots and useful rebels, and I am quite unable to distinguish among them, whether they are just “controlled dissent” working for empire, or just being plain stupid. It does puzzle me that how is it that stupid people have become leading opinion-makers in almost every nation? Is it that their opinions have some inherent wisdom? Or is it that the empire promotes them as useful idiots?

Our suffering brethren in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Bahrain, the entire ‘arc of crisis’ in the ‘global zone of percolating violence’ need genuine un co-opted revolutionaries – not mob “revolutions” – who can pose even half a challenge to the intellectual warfare that is the primal first cause of our continuous defeats at the hands of hectoring hegemons. Using the intellect is the first line of defense against those who wage wars by way of deception! While many repeatedly echo that maxim like parrots, few betray the timely recognition of that maxim when it can be most effective in defeating such warfare.

What can be done?

If you know who the enemy is, deeply understand its modalities of conquest, and know yourself, you can take measures to do something about it. That enemy, the first enemy, is within our own nations.

Unless the fifth columnists in every nation and among every people – those who work against their own peoples, both in and out of power, those who set up puppet regimes with military might and then tear it down with manufactured mob power, those who engineer consent among the gullible public and those who play false oppositions to head of genuine rebellion, and those who remain behind the errand boys occupying presidencies who come and go, but they go on forever behind the scenes – all of them, are juridically euthanized first in the greater interest of the huddled masses, the battle against colonization is lost even before it is begun.

As was narrated by Sun Tzu in The Art of War, the oldest and still most effective military treatise in the world which principally underlies all significant political planning in the “temples”, i.e., think-tanks, of modernity:

  • All warfare is based on deception;

  • Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple [before] the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation at all! It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose;

  • Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.

That is a lesson plan the modern hectoring hegemons – those who through many calculations, seed wars, pestilences, calamities, debt slavery, those who instigate nations to fight, those who turn brother against brother by incubating traitors, stooges, fools and useful idiots among them – have deftly followed over the past two centuries. So long as these traitors of humanity exist among us – and I don’t see how the Mir Jafar/Mir Sadiq among every people can ever be fully eliminated – the battle will always go to those who remain superior in the Art of War.

Plebeians know nothing about the Art of War – and so we are easily mobilized into the streets, sometimes for pecuniary gain, sometimes as the method of last resort to vent steam against tyranny. Such social engineering principles are well understood by those who plan these outcomes and harness the predictable mass behavior for their own purposes. Their effective counter can only come by combining shrewd political intellect with un co-opted political power which can defend against these incessant onslaughts upon the powerless and rather predictable masses of human beings.

Neither does such a political intellect, nor such a political power, visibly exist today in the entire ‘arc of crisis’, the ‘global zone of percolating violence’, both self-serving characterizations of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the diabolical author as well as the covert architect of The Grand Chessboard. The reason it has been eviscerated is not merely by happenstance, or because the ‘lesser peoples’ just love to live under autocratic rule. But by calculated design of the hectoring hegemons themselves who have continually brought to power, aided and abetted, in many cases entirely financed, in other cases militarily and politically supported, the many vile dictatorships and superficial egotistical kingdoms (spanning the gamut from benign as in Bahrain to draconian as in Saudi Arabia) in these very nations in which they today raise the banner of “revolution” for “democracy”. Is this such a surprise that they now fully effectuate this banner? The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) even openly advertised instigating “regime change” being the new foreign policy calculus of the lone superpower for the twenty first century, violently replacing the molding stability of its own previously favored tin-pot dictatorships with the vibrant instability of “revolutionary times” – the singular catalyst of all transformations.

As already quoted above, comprehending Machiavellianly poisoned apples presented to Snow White: ‘Lawmakers approved the measure, which “applauds” demonstrators demanding democratic reforms and “strongly condemns” Gaddafi’s response.’, is really not rocket science – unless one is a complete imbecile, or superlatively naïve. The remaining logical conclusion therefore, when one pretends to not comprehend, is that one is among the fifth columnists!

This immediately helps us identify and “bin” our first enemies rather straightforwardly into the useful categories of traitors and fools, to separate them from the huddled masses. Hang the traitors and harness the fools to mobilize them productively for our own cause – easier said than done without genuine political power and intellectual prowess to bring it about. This is evidently as true in Brzezinski’s ‘global zone of percolating violence’ as in Brzezinski’s ‘sole remaining superpower’ which is entirely overrun by traitors and fools together screwing their own nation. As is self-evident from my Message to the US Congress in 2008 at the time of their willing passage of the Bankster Bailout Bill, failure to lead and act propitiously, trivially identifies who works for whom. It is not entirely obvious how any self-respecting nation, peoples, and even superpower, can survive either its traitors or its fools. Which is why none do!

Which is also why nothing can be done without getting rid of the fifth columnists first.

Hence the self-evident import of the remarkable truth in the saying that is quoted in the 2500 years old manual for waging both successful wars and successful self-defense: ‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.’

Therefore, in conclusion, if a genuine revolutionary acumen which can effectively bring to bear the above nugget of political wisdom from The Art of War is secretly undergoing some zealous birth-pangs just beneath the surface, it is high time these boldly germinated while the soil is still fertile. Just as the hectoring hegemons need “revolutionary times” to seed their own agendas, the same “revolutionary times” really become a double edged sword in the art of war. Why? Because it is also only in these “revolutionary times” that the enemy can also be conceivably defeated: “what is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”! As history testifies, it is only in “revolutionary times” that the fifth columnists reveal themselves in order to play their assigned hand. And it is only in “revolutionary times” that the entire house can be cleansed in a genuine revolution. Since the hectoring hegemons well understand this – empiricism indicates that they are also far better attuned to continually preempting it in ongoing game theory enactment with massive deployment of resources and newer Trojan Horses. To wage an effective war against such nemeses fundamentally require engaging Mens et Manus – both mind and hand together!

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

Update: March 19: Bush bombed Iraq 2003 – Obama bombs Libya 2011

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Instrumenting Kosovo in the ‘arc of crisis’ and the ‘global zone of percolating violence’ By Zahir Ebrahim