Why is Judy Wood poisoning her own well? The New Hiroshima Part-3 By Zahir Ebrahim

Why is Judy Wood poisoning her own well? Part-3

Examining Judy Wood’s appeal to a psy-ops victim and his dubious science to explain her own 9-11 theories

By Zahir Ebrahim | Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

Part-1: Zahir Ebrahim’s Open Letter to 911 Truth Chiefs on Judy Wood’s ‘New Hiroshima’

Part-2: Project Humanbeingsfirst Responds: Aliens and UFOs – Head in the Ass!

Part-3: Why is Judy Wood poisoning her own well?

Let’s begin Part-3 with the maverick tinkerer referenced by Dr. Judy Wood to explain her HOW theories for the ‘New Hiroshima’, Mr. John Hutchison:

“Yet, to this date, the Hutchison Effect has not been reproduced by anyone but John Hutchison. Adding to the mystery, the Canadian government confiscated his anti-gravity equipment in the late 1980s.

The US Government has also become extremely interested in the Hutchison Effect. In fact, one US Army Lt. Colonel sent this man to investigate John Hutchison’s phenomenon.

[Jack Houck speaking]: ‘We are talking about what I would categorize as mind over matter. And if it’s that, then it won’t become an anti-gravity machine in the future, but I believe it should be of interest to science.’

Engineer Jack Houck works for an aeronautical corporation. On his two day visit twelve years ago, he videotaped cylinders falling, and gun barrels crashing on cement, Houck believes that the Hutchison effect is real. And he knows why, John Hutchison is the only one who can pull off the anti-gravity trick. ‘My best judgment is that this correlates with the types of things that happen with the mind effect, mind over matter psycho knesis.’

John Hutchison was skeptical of that theory at the time, but now believes his mind might be partly responsible.

[John Hutchison speaking]: ‘Yes, [garbled] this is a by product of working with these high energy fields for so long, that you interact with them, and they seem to actually act on the neuro transmitters in your brain’.

John Hutchison still hopes to someday apply his anti-gravity discovery to space propulsion and free energy systems.

Knowing those possibilities keep the Hutchison Effect very much in demand. And keeps him ready for when the next time the Government comes knocking.” — Youtube, John Hutchison and the Hutchison Effect (Seattle) – Parts 4 and 5.

The aforementioned transcription and video segments are from the documentaries which John Hutchison played for the audience at the 2008 9-11 Truth gathering in Seattle Washington, to introduce himself and to showcase his own work. His admission therefore, played by him in 2008 before the audience on the big screen, reflects his own beliefs. It is not a hit-piece composed by his antagonists, but something which John Hutchison felt proud to showcase before his fawning audience. Therefore, its import is undeniable.

By the verdict of the evidence presented by John Hutchison himself, since no one to this date has been able to reproduce John Hutchison’s personal experience:

“Yet, to this date, the Hutchison Effect has not been reproduced by anyone but John Hutchison”,

and by the admission of all concerned parties who have evaluated this “Hutchison Effect”, including the US Army:

“My best judgment is that this correlates with the types of things that happen with the mind effect, mind over matter psycho knesis”,

and including John Hutchison himself:

“this is a by product of working with these high energy fields for so long, that you interact with them, and they seem to actually act on the neuro transmitters in your brain”,

the so called “Hutchison Effect” is at best, a personal experience of John Hutchison only.

At worse, it is an outright scam and a calculated part of military’s psy-ops.

Let’s just go with the positive aspect in this exposition and give John Hutchison the benefit of the doubt. While I have never met John Hutchison, and only heard of him through Judy Wood’s work in February 2011, based on what I have gleaned thus far, I do perceive the tinkerer to be sincere himself, even if somewhat whacky, and perhaps even a victim of pys-ops. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to give the fellow the benefit of the doubt in regards to his tinkering not being an outright scam. It is the tinkerers who often discover new things, who shake accepted beliefs, and Niocola Tesla was himself one. More perspective on this is conveyed in this letter.

That benefit of the doubt however still only leaves us with John Hutchison’s personal experience to go on in this matter of “Hutchison’s Effect”.

How can the personal experience of one individual be deemed SCIENCE?

No one else can reproduce it!

Even John Hutchison admits to himself not being able to repeat it on demand.

But it gets better and better:

“The UFOs are just other forms of life from space, some advanced races, perhaps 15, I’d say roughly maybe 15 light years out. [I’d say when their] population starts to increase, of different races, from very low types of races to races that have excelled in propulsion, and time and space and energy.

And perhaps they come and monitor our old style radio signals and start laughing. Perhaps not. Maybe their culture is so entirely different that they are just thinking about it, and trying to help.

So there is a connection, this earth is only an island really, when you look at it on a logical level, on a cosmological level, amongst a sea of billions of stars, hundreds of thousands of galaxies.

And I am sure they have mastered time and space and inter-dimensional physics, they can pass from one dimension to another dimension very quickly, fold space, come and say hi here. So, they mastered all those problems a long ago, I feel.

I actually had my own encounters with the UFOs. And, I was not scared. I was very relaxed actually. Almost like a matter of fact situation!” — John Hutchison HQ part 1/5 Documentary on New Energy Series Featuring John Hutchison

Why, oh why, as I wrote asking Dr. Judy Wood in consternation, does John Hutchison also have to have a UFO connection:

“I actually had my own encounters with the UFOs. And, I was not scared. I was very relaxed actually. Almost like a matter of fact situation!”

What do you think?

Here is the pertinent excerpt from my Feb 6, 2011 letter to Dr. Judy Wood:

To: “Dr. Judy Wood” lisajudy@nctv.com

From: Project Humanbeingsfirst.org humanbeingsfirst@gmail.com

Date: Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 1:27 AM

Subject: What’s wrong with this picture?

Hi again Judy. I have spent many hours today looking at this Hutchison Effect. What do you make of these two items? [The two aforementioned quotes].

This is now a strange pattern Judy, anyone who does/says interesting things, also has some UFO/Alien connection! The entire Project Camelot, Project Avalon, and Project Disclosure is full of peoples who put the proverbial toad in the punch bowl. Why will anyone drink from the punch bowl afterwards?

And you are using this fellow to back up your excellent evidence discovery of 911 – where I have been most impressed by your work – so impressed as to start recommending [your website] to my own friends? Are you not putting the toad in the punch bowl yourself?

I don’t think I like this a whole lot anymore!

Lastly, there is another couple of items which puzzle me about John Hutchison: the fact that the US military-industrial complex is interested in Hutchison, but then they don’t set him up in some black-ops project! Why not? I also don’t understand why they’d come to one man when they claim to have black-ops trillion dollar budgets? One civilian knows more than all of them? This is exactly the inconsistency I found in William Pawelec’s statements on RFIDs in 1980s, invented by a civilian professor in a back office which Pawelec says he learnt of by accident, and then went to sell to the trillion dollar intelligence/black-projects (I noted this anomaly in my essay on ufos). And, if military were really interested in Hutchison, why not just give him a backroom full of machines and keep him away from the public eye on their own facilities? It’s not like Hutchison wasn’t a contractor for them… contrary to his own statements that he didn’t care for the military industrial complex, he in fact directly worked for them, took money from them, and was eager to show them what he had. If he was very valuable, I just don’t understand why was throwing a few million dollars hiring Hutchison into Skunkworks so difficult? In fact, just doing so to keep him quiet would have been money well-spent if there were secrets to keep!!

And if this “free energy” stuff is so top secret stuff, the actual basis of the directed energy weapon systems which is all classified hush-hush work, why is Hutchison able to talk about the very principle upon which their classified weapon systems is based so freely on mainstream television?

You can’t appear with your fantastic compilation of evidence Judy, and Hutchison can be on multiple [television] channels with his free energy mantra showing experiments which none can reproduce? And especially, when you also feel, as you stated, that your own student ended up dead right after he had mentioned “free energy” and 911!! If “free energy” is the holy grail, Hutchison should have been silenced by now!!!

Yet, he is cited by you so prominently, and you are the one who, as you have stated it, is being silenced!

What’s wrong with that picture Judy?

Let me frankly admit that Hutchison in these videos also strikes me as a very likable fellow. Very earnest, sincere, and passionate about his focus. He almost seemed to be like Dr, WHO in his younger days with his pipe and his hairstyle. And if I hadn’t read MK ULTRA declassified documents myself, I might not have also suspected him of being mind-controlled. I hope I am mistaken.

But he seems to me to fit exactly the agenda which I have described in this article, perhaps unwittingly, perhaps unknowingly.

Best wishes,

Zahir Ebrahim

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

Part-2 of my New Hiroshima series goes into further examination of why Aliens-UFOs is a long running manufactured religion as military-grade psychological-operation for mass behavior control: Project Humanbeingsfirst Responds: Aliens and UFOs – Head in the Ass!

Therefore, moving right along to unveiling the next absurdity at hand, based on the aforementioned evidence, we observe that Dr. Judy Wood is appealing to an unwitting psy-ops’ victim who is pitching dubious science which no one else can reproduce, to theorize upon her own fantastic 9-11 evidence-stream that she has so diligently compiled. An evidence stream which to any rational non-agendist observer, indicates that there is indeed something more to that infamous day in history. That, when all evidence is taken into account, the HOW of demolishing one, two, or all three WTC towers on September 11, 2001 is perhaps more aptly captured by the term ‘New Hiroshima’ to indicate the deployment of a new super-secretive weapon system whose very use has been methodically cloaked in deception.

Is it not patently absurd that Dr. Judy Wood then also insists on speculating on that self-limiting conclusion by appealing to a highly dubious source as the foundation for her theorizing on her own fantastically compiled 9-11 evidence?

The reason the conclusion of ‘New Hiroshima’ is automatically self-limiting is because if this new weapon system indeed does exist (whether or not the public will ever know it), it precludes knowing anything more about it. This new weapon system, as already observed in Part-1: “Zahir Ebrahim’s Open Letter to 911 Truth Chiefs on Judy Wood’s ‘New Hiroshima’”, would be the most highly prized military and state secret of the realm, far above even the super-secretive Manhattan Project!

Since it is not possible for me to think of Dr. Judy Wood as an irrational moron given to foolish endeavors, especially when she has so astutely dug-out and compiled the evidence and made the obvious logical connections, I have to wonder why is the good doctor deliberately poisoning her own well?

When rational people behave absurdly, political science informs one that something else is going on. What is it? Where have we seen this before?

Well, there is David Icke, another interesting character who is immensely courageous to take the name of the House of Rothschild as being behind both Zionism and world government, and offering very compelling arguments to substantiate his analysis. But then look what else he does. He puts the proverbial toad in his own punch bowl by simultaneously cradling his astute analysis in the outlandishly bizarre, like blood-drinking lizards.

I had written to David Icke asking him why he was putting the toad in his own punch bowl, to his equally thunderous response as Dr. Judy Wood’s, stone silence: “Zahir Ebrahim’s Letter to David Icke: Well done David Icke – but why put the toad in the punch bowl?

This appears to be an emerging pattern. Whenever someone discovers a momentous truth the revealing of which can be very unpopular with the establishment, especially if a large number of people were to believe it, it is evidently cradled in some absurdities. The smart reader will understand its real message and easily discard the cradling absurdities realizing fully well that this was done deliberately to get the message out, as well perhaps as a life insurance policy! The idiots however will remain fascinated with the cradling noise, unable to extract and isolate the signal which can potentially be threatening to the establishment lest it spawn an uncontrolled focussed dissent movement.

In other words, deliberately introducing some “beneficial cognitive diversity”, as Cass Sunstein would put it, along with the real truth, in order to protect oneself with some diffused focus is evidently what’s going on here! And this surmising actually makes sense from both political science as well as social engineering perspectives.

If Judy Wood’s message is primarily to the type-3 audience in society, a miniscule percentage among the public who can actually think like Sherlock Holmes and easily separate out red herrings from real clues, then misleading the type-2 – the majority of dissent who always oppose the establishment and latch on to anyone who opposes the status quo – with obvious gibberish is the life insurance policy for the real Socrates unwilling to sip the Hemlock. Type-2 public is always the establishment’s target of crafty manufactured dissent. Whereas, type-1 is the majority mainstream who always ‘United we Stand’ with the establishment, and are always the target of manufacturing consent.

Therefore, perceptively understanding that type-2 are only dangerous to the establishment if they can all genuinely come to singularly focus on one thing, a Socrates targeting her message exclusively to type-3, I imagine might feel somewhat protected. Unless of course, the intent, far from being that of a Socrates who is afraid for her life, is to disinfo and Dr. Judy Wood is only among the many disciples of the Mighty Wurlitzer – a rational proposition which must be carefully vetted for everyone and anyone who impacts public opinion in an age when “Deception is the state of mind and the mind of the State”! I have, thus far, found no evidence to support this conclusion for Dr. Judy Wood, unlike the case of the ever popular 9/11 Truth scientist in chief, Dr. Steven Jones, about which I am almost convinced is that of an SHM. However, as I also candidly expressed to Judy Wood in the afore-excerpted letter, only time will tell:

“I feel you are my teacher – until such time that I have the displeasure to discover that you were the spook :-) All the spooks I have found, many of them my former teachers, … are hanging dry on my website. A student like me is surely a nightmare for hectoring hegemons and their shills. But I hope a good friend for genuine men and women of conscience:-)”

To comprehend the aforementioned typification, see Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler, Vol. 1, Chapter X, or my excerpt contextualized to our zeitgeist, in Manufacturing Dissent.

Perhaps there is a much simpler explanation for why someone poison’s their own well. But only Dr. Judy Wood can inform us of it.

And if the rational Dr. Judy Wood has inexplicably come to believe in the Aliens-UFOs religion herself (just as she evidently does in the bizarre things many of the UFO aficionados also strangely tend to believe in, like Free Energy and the like), the evidence-stream for 9/11 that she has compiled from public domain sources still stands on its own, and still begs a rational scientific HOW explanation. An explanation however, I feel, that is clearly not to be had in the foreseeable future if the WTC towers were indeed demolished by something other than straightforward controlled demolition. Both commonsense and experience tells us that it will be held as a super-classified military and state secret until they reveal it themselves.

A national security state that is now the world’s most militarist lone superpower, and which is hell bent on “full spectrum dominance” to achieve one-world government in a World Order the likes of which the history of the world has never seen, can keep its genuine state secrets – unlike the faux secrets, “leaks”, and “limited hangouts” revealed by whistleblowers – very very secret for a very very long time.

Therefore, to appreciate what has indeed been achieved in the apolitical scientific pursuit of this 9/11 HOW beyond what was already visible to the commonsense of the layman on the very day of September 11, 2001, see Elaboration, Part-1. The fact that these born again patriots of America did not create effective political movements of a thousand bleeding cuts to derail “imperial mobilization” while the monumental crimes against humanity were and still are very much in progress, and instead kept insisting on a “new investigation”, speaks volumes. To insist on the unfathomable while watching the slaughter of mankind on television, is in itself a crime against humanity! And to get the public engaged in such criminal absurdities of endless debates as per Ezra Pound’s Technique of Infamy, is the core success of those WHO planned 9/11. They covered up their fantabulistic crime in its aftermath, and effectively prevented any derailing of its harvesting, with such sophisticated finesse that it will remain the standard benchmark of psychological operations for all intelligence agencies for generations to come!

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Why is Judy Wood poisoning her own well? Part-3 By Zahir Ebrahim | Project Humanbeingsfirst.org