Deconstructing the Interview of Shulamit Aloni, Former Israeli Minister, with Amy Goodman By Zahir Ebrahim


Video Shulamit Aloni Former Israeli Minister Democracy Now August 14, 2002
Caption Click on image to watch video interview of Shulamit Aloni, Former Israeli Minister, with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now August 14, 2002

A propaganda based on half-truth is more powerful than a full lie. But as the Jewish proverb says, a half-truth is a full lie. 

Before I systematically deconstruct the above interview which actually took place nine years ago but its pertinence is so evergreen that being belated is just as timely as if it was back in 2002, I wish to give the readers the chance to take a crack at it themselves first.

Watch the approximately ten minute conversation and see if you are able to call out the lies. It will show you how prepared you really are to tackle the Hasbara – public diplomacy channel of Israel (Hebrew: הסברה‎) , refers to “public relations” efforts to disseminate information about Israel (see wikipedia) – and the game of deception which is the core basis of Zionism. Waging wars by way of deception is the ab initio basis for the existence of the Jewish State of Israel in Palestine.

First hint: this is a classic example of the Left noble vs. Right ignoble Hegelian Dialectic.

If you can’t dismantle it straightforwardly, and are thrown by all the noble goodness that is being uttered by Shulamit Aloni with the complicit silence of Amy Goodman on what any half-decent activist should trivially be able to call out on as basic knowledge, never mind a Harvard graduate of the stature of Amy Goodman, try reading the following article as a second hint:

Palestine: The Illusion of Power and the Calculus of Dispossession By Zahir Ebrahim

Shortly I will meticulously decompose this conversation and separate out what Shulamit Aloni utters is the obvious truth, and what she utters are obvious lies and calculated presuppositions to build a false discourse – typical of all Left conversation on Palestine, especially in the United States. And I will demonstrate where precisely Amy Goodman remained silent on outright lies, indicting herself yet again as a crafty Zionist gate-keeper on the Left.

For now, take a crack at it yourself. If you can’t trivially dismantle this interview in its full unglory by mustering historical facts and their interconnectivity on your finger tips, you will automatically know you have a lot of studying to do. This is a typical failing of both, the Palestinians in Diaspora, especially the young activist generation who pursue the injustices inflicted upon them as a part-time extracurricular activity in college (or so it appears), as well as the conscionable others who rise to support the beleaguered Palestinian peoples. Both continually fall victim to the tyranny of their own good intentions borne of ignorance of the real power brokers who have orchestrated the State of Israel and protect it with an “iron wall” which none can breach.

These hidden only in plain-sight power-mongers fashion this artificial Hegelian Dialectic of Left vs. Right, noble Zionism vs. ignoble Zionism, good Zionism vs bad Zionism, with the help of the Mighty Wurlitzer while their main purpose remains to have Zionism outlive the will of the Palestinians to resist. And of course, for their own Jewish populations to be born in Palestine. Who can evict a Jew born in Palestine? Well, who can evict a Californian born on the lands stolen from Mexico? If you cannot unravel the sophistication of their deceit in this test case, you have to go back to taking some powerful intellectual vitamins. In its absence, amidst specious dissent from the conscionable peoples and being led by pied pipers, the Palestinians are rapidly already going by way of the settled indigenous tribes of the Americas.

It is because of this exact modus operandi of conquest that George W. Bush Jr., at the 60th birthday bash of the founding of the Zionist state in Palestine, coldly stated (and this is the third and last hint):

Our two nations both faced great challenges when they were founded. And our two nations have both relied on the same principles to help us succeed. We built strong democracies to protect the freedoms given to us by an Almighty God.” (Celebrating Israel’s 60th Birthday in the 60th year of the Nakba May 15, 2008)

To be continued in Part-II.

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Deconstructing the Interview of Shulamit Aloni, Former Israeli Minister, with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now August 14, 2002 By Zahir Ebrahim