The New SAVAK in Pakistan – Understanding Shia Killings

The New SAVAK in Pakistan

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

February 18, 2013

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Shia Killings Quetta mass burial Feb202013 via Hazara-net
Shia Killings Quetta funeral Feb202013 via Hazara-net

Caption Shia Killings, Quetta mass funeral and burial, February 20, 2013 (via

The Pakistani intelligentsia occupying front row chairs in the news media, and Pakistan’s so called intellectuals in its proliferating think-tanks, along with the bleeding so called liberals and the revolutionary so called conservatives, and not to forget the multiplying secular humanists and various and sundry human rights groups; all full of it. At least in my never to be humble view. None are calling, or able to call, the systematic shia killings perceptively, forget forensically. The latest in the Quetta bomb blast on 16 February 2013, on the 37th day of mourning of an earlier bomb blast on 10 January in the same ravaged city of Baluchistan, the richest and most atrociously managed province of Pakistan.

Labels such as “genocide” to “ethnic cleansing” to “shia-phobia” are bandied about by the erudite analysts and Pakistani expats. writing all over the world; and the shia mullahs in Pakistan are evidently reaping a great harvest of audience from the misfortunes of the dead and their grieving families;إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ ; all blind to the geopolitical game being played in Pakistan with proxy service providers.

While protesting these killings of the innocent is necessary; silence is a crime; unless that game is understood, what the players are doing will remain senseless. And therefore, never able to be interdicted effectively in self-defence. So long as reactionary emotions continue to rule the Pakistani public mind, and so long as it is ruled by useful idiots and mercenaries, the intellect of the superman devouring Pakistan and Muslims will always trump it.

On the surface, the killing of the shias in Quetta, Baluchistan, appear entirely senseless. It is presented as the work of sectarian hatred by the odd terrorist and fanatic group who supposedly hate the shias.

Nothing can be further from truth. Mercenaries and assets do not hate. They follow handlers’ orders.

To understand what is transpiring in Pakistan, one must first journey to Iran of the 1970s when SAVAK roamed supreme and tyrannized its public in entirely predictable outcome — at least predictable for those at the RAND Corporation. The same purpose is being fomented by the various terrorist organizations in Pakistan. They are collectively, a replacement of SAVAK.

Just as the terrorist organization SAVAK was formed and trained by the CIA and worked for the Shahansha of Iran, the terrorist organizations operating in Pakistan – from Jundallah in Baluchistan targeting Iran ( ), to its sister organizations (or itself) targeting Pakistanis with dumb jackasses groomed for sectarian hatred and intolerance by the same apparatuses of the state being told to take the credit for killing the Shias in the name of religion – are trained by the same paymasters and work for those in charge of Pakistan affairs today. Some of them are the front faces duly elected, some wear uniforms, some turbans, some live abroad, and some remain occulted from the public eye. They all have the same master as Saddam Hussein and the Shahansha of Iran once did, and work in a compartmentalized and cellularized manner from each other towards a broader agenda of which each perhaps remains entirely clueless. Each is respectively led by the carrot appropriate to its own genius mind. The terrorists, organized in blue-teams and red-teams, also remain unaware of each others existence and do their assigned job. And part of that job is to divert attention to make it look like sectarian and religious based.

This is the statecraft of modern warfare in the exercise of hegemony. There is not one general in the higher military echelons of Pakistan who can claim ignorance of these principles. And nor can the high-falutin defense analysts, the retired generals.

Yet, not once has the CIA trained and Pakistani military supported Jundallah been mentioned by anyone in Pakistan in the targeted killing of the Shias in Quetta, and in the rest of Pakistan. The terrorist group’s name has evidently been removed from media and military memory.

What the Shahansha’s SAVAK did, and what the West did to cultivate and protect the reaction to SAVAK’s excesses, finally bringing it to power on an Air France Jet Airliner that could have easily been blown out of existence in just the same way as Iranian passenger Airbus plane, Iran Air Flight 655, was shot down in Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf on July 3, 1988 by the U.S warship, the Vincennes, in a flagrant act of state-directed terrorism that killed 290 passengers on board; and yet “Revolutionary Islam” ( ) was brought to land safely after transiting through the safe-harbor in NATO controlled France, and that was after being deliberately evicted from Iraq by Saddam Hussein who also only marched to his master’s voice; all reproduced below in the retrospective on Iran.

Click on the links in the article Iran Today – Building Self Reliance Under Siege, study a little, analyze a little, and you shall perceptively begin to see the pattern of synthesis of “revolutionary Islam” — the best enemy no money can buy, but Islam provides for free to Machiavelli in the presence of Muslim sectarian cracks and lacunas, fifth columnists and mercenaries.

The Path Forward remains the same: Impacting Muslim Existence! ( )

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The New SAVAK in Pakistan By Zahir Ebrahim | Project