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Open Letter to the Doctors of America from Zahir Ebrahim

Open Letter to the Doctors of America from Zahir Ebrahim

April 30, 2013

Dear Medical Practitioners in the United States of America

What bothers me about America is that of the 20,000 doctors and surgeons in Boston, from Harvard-MIT MD-Phds to the Dana-Farber super-specialists in every healthcare related field esoterica, not one can stand up to call a spade a spade? The physician I spoke to privately on Jeff Bauman’s Boston Marathon explosion injury images broadcast in the newsmedia (see Domestic Terror and Police-State), with just one look at the photos told me this cannot possibly be real.

Boston Marathon victim both legs blown off sitting upright in wheelchair with loose make-belief tourniquet held by rescuer Carlos Arredondo with his hat on.

Yet no medical practitioner, professor of medicine, EMT, EMS, man of science or man of commonsense from Boston to San Francisco has publicly made that call that the exploded legs victim looking alert and not bleeding to death while being strolled on Boylston Street in a wheelchair instead of a gurney is an absurdity?

Is that what you teach your medical students in the United States of America?

What has gone wrong that this nation only produces cowards?

Did Americans learn nothing from the Banality of Evil that created (and destroyed) the Third Reich?

Are you super learned AMA and FDA approved professors of medicine blind? Or merely “United We Stand” super Good Americans?


Zahir Ebrahim



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Open Letter to the Doctors of America from Zahir Ebrahim