The age of deception By Zahir Ebrahim

The age of deception

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

George Orwell observed that: In the age of universal deceit to tell the truth is a revolutionary act. I would humbly like to trump that truism with an even greater one: In the age of universal deceit, to learn the truth is a revolutionary act!

One of the former directors of the CIA responsible for counter-insurgency (counter-intelligence) operations in the United States, from 1954-1974, and under whose watch all the prominent assassinations of the 1960s transpired, James Jesus Angleton, is reported to have observed two additional universal truths: 1) When everything the American people believe is false, we will know that our disinformation (or propaganda) is complete; 2) Deception is a state of mind and the mind of state.

It would appear that the spymaster JJ Angleton far better understood the public mind than the seminal novelist George Orwell.

The revolution Orwell endeared his generations of readers toward is next to impossible when reality is brought to the public mind wrapped in layers of deception, like an onion. The exposé of Israel Shamir is the rare oddity that these layers of deceit got automatically peeled away by a single photograph. It does not normally happen — which is why dissent-con artists are able to thrive in the West so prolifically.

What is truth and what is falsehood?

Who is the con man and who is the prophet?

Almost impossible to disambiguate in today’s modernity — and that is part of the success of the hard road to world order —– from Palestine to World Government.

While the Western and Eastern fools, the useful idiots, and assorted Trojan horses planted from academia to academia, from NGOs to NGOs, from media to media, and from politics to politics, both Republican and Democrat, both Left and Right, and all degrees in between, as the key assets of the oligarchy continue to rehearse the crimes of state, the oligarchy that controls the state and its statesmen continues its march to global governance making it all look like happenstance of state sponsored hegemony.

No — it is not the Hans Morganthu’s state which is the first actor in the crimes against humanity. It is the behind the scenes conspirators, in an open conspiracy, who are the primordial first actors, and from whose primacy acts all the evil follows which is cleverly, and legally, blamed upon the state.

It is they who weave the onion of deception, making it so systemic, and endemic, that it becomes like the air we breathe, unnoticed. But it necessarily cradles all our thoughts and acts in the presuppositions bequeathed to our learning about the world. And most important, it also cradles our conscience, our resistance, and our willing compliance.

We simply are unable to escape those presuppositions when even our most learned teachers, our most notable consciences, our best moral minds, are in on the act as the Hegelian Dialectic of Deception. Because, without it, that state of mind that is the singular target of perception management from generation to generation, from school to school, and from nation to nation by the ruling state that dictates all narratives of history, the education curriculum, and the parameters of acceptable discourse, cannot transpire.

These are the controllers outside the cave that Plato spoke of in his allegory of the cave in The Republic 2500 years ago.

The case of Israel Shamir is a most unusual case of all layers of the onion, all dramas enacted on Plato’s cave before the prisoners of the cave, coming apart with a single photograph. The serendipitous unraveling of this case betrays the causal connections on the Hard Road to World Order between its assets and the oligarchy. These connections, always nebulous, always removed from the first cause with many degrees of separation, became visible in this one case — because of the stupidity of Israel Shamir. He helps us understand the modern snake oil Superman as distinct from the nearly extinct Songbird

More examples of notable names playing the Hegelian Dialectic of Dissent are in my Report on the Mighty Wurlitzer and in Songbird or Superman – You Decide! .

A déjà vu to keep reminding ourselves that no one, absolutely no one, in modernity may be as they claim to be.  Perception management is the most essential instrument of statecraft today. It trivially enables behavior control of the public mind, with the public mind itself consenting to its own servitude.

No psychology, sociology, and international relations professor in the entire Western academe, news media, and officialdom to politicaldom dare go there! Until it is all ex post facto – as was the case for the million thesis volumes on the “banality of evil” at the conclusion of the Third Reich!

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The age of deception By Zahir Ebrahim | Project