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Overcoming the Palestinian House of Negroe with ‘Mens et Manus’ By Zahir Ebrahim

Overcoming the Palestinian House of Negroe with ‘Mens et Manus’ – A Postscript

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

Sunday April 11, 2010 | Revised April 14, 2010

My earlier response to the exposé of poor socio-economic development and 12 billion dollars missing in Palestine as reported by Dr. Ghania Malhisthe chairwoman of the board of trustees at the Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute in Ramallah – in a UN Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People, held in Vienna on March 25, 2010, did not delve into the topic of organizations funded by hectoring hegemons to play controlled opposition as a Hegelian Dialectic. In this postscript to my followup Open Letter to Palestinian Intellectual which brought up the general issue of accountability and breaking the bonds of colonial servitude, that omission is rectified.

Before we begin, the bland conclusions conveyed by Dr. Malhis on the topic of “International Assistance in Support of the Palestinian Economy” in her paper titled “The Role of Regional Partners” which echoed empire’s own axiom in its byline: “Building institutions and moving forward with establishing the State of Palestine”, is worth restating (PDF cached here, page 4):

‘The initial analysis has led to two conflicting conclusions.

The first conclusion: the International community and Arab countries have managed to mobilize substantial resources to assist the Palestinian people amounting to no less than 12 billion dollars over the past 15 years.

An additional 6 to 8 billion dollars were also mobilized during that same period through an array of active Arab and international civil society organizations and NGOs.

These numbers are of course highly encouraging when taking into consideration the size of the targeted part of the Palestinian people which do not exceed 3.9 million people in the occupied Palestinian territories and their GDP does not exceed 4.5 billion dollars annually according to the 2009 estimates.

The second conclusion: it has been almost impossible to trace any positive impact of these mobilized resources on the ground, even when taking into consideration the substantial investment carried by the Palestinian private sector in the occupied Palestinian territories, including those made by the Palestinian Diaspora as according to findings, these investment represent one third of the national GDP.

There has been of course a progress in the establishment of Palestinian Authority institutions, along with security, fiscal and administrative reform efforts, but these tens of billions of dollars spent in the past decade have ultimately failed to bring back the performance witnessed in 1999 on the socio-economic front.’

One does not a priori know who really funds the different organizations usually seen boldly playing controlled opposition to any status quo, be it in Palestine, or Iran, Pakistan, and across all the ‘orange and green revolutions’ throughout the “global zone of percolating violence”, whereby, “birth pangs” are rape-ingly induced by creating “revolutionary times” under the banner of bringing ‘democracy’. One sees it plainly in Iraq and Pakistan for instance, without needing any additional commentary.

The masses in our region, as in the West, are easily duped into playing the election con-game. To elect by their own choice of vote, the hectoring hegemons’ oligarchic selection, manufactured to suitable electability by the foundations and think-tanks along the Potomac, and presented to the public by co-opted political parties and special-interest groups. We see this trivially of President Obama being chosen by the electorate, but effectively carrying out exactly the ‘Bush doctrine’ polices. We see this trivially in Pakistan with President Zardari, the most well-known corrupt man in Pakistan, being chosen by the electorate, but carrying out exactly the ‘Mush doctrine’ policies which is entirely an appendage of the ‘Bush doctrine’ in place in Pakistan since 911. It is empirically obvious that ‘democracy’ is part of the ‘panem et circenses’ – ‘bread and circuses’. Why should it be any different in Palestine – a militarily occupied territory?

As already discussed in the afore-cited analyses, the 12 billion dollars which disappeared in Palestine is largely to be seen as the hectoring hegemons’ own calculated con-game, including that of payoffs for services rendered to the corrupt establishment which they have themselves installed, and who therefore entirely dance to their masa’s tunes. Let’s now briefly look into the ‘pro democracy’ controlled opposition to the same corrupt establishment.

Both the establishment and its opposition are often hand-crafted by the same hectoring hegemons for controlling client-states through proxies in what has become the modern architecture of neo-colonialism. This is a Hegelian Dialectic as old as empire. It serves the purpose of keeping well-intentioned people effectively running on a treadmill, often between twiddledee and twiddledum. The faster people run to escape it, more quickly they exhaust themselves getting nowhere – the wondrous self-sustaining power of Machiavelli!

A controlled opposition is very easy to identify. In fact, so easy to identify that the fact that they credibly remain before the mainstream public’s eye without such a precise outing can only be attributed to the immense power of the Mighty Wurlitzer. It can convince people of the most ridiculous absurdities and get them acquiescing to the most horrendous atrocities – the enduring power of Machiavellian Political Science.

So how does one identify Machiavellianly seeded controlled opposition?

For one thing, it shares common core-axioms with the hectoring hegemons, and always either echoes them outright (when manufacturing consent), or remains silent on them (when playing dissent).

Put that concise principle to test yourself. More about this may be gleaned in the report ‘Manufacturing Dissent – The Master Social Science‘ which contains several case studies of manufactured dissent.

Foreign funding of controlled dissent through front-organizations and through intangible benefits such as junkets and invitations is a big business of hegemony. Especially the funding of ‘pro democracy’ NGOs, and various other civil society institutions often seen pitching ‘secular humanism’, all of which ostensibly oppose the establishment’s status-quo: be it a military dictatorship in power ; be it some other tyranny in power by any other name such as an elected ‘democracy’ effectively running a police-state ; be it an ideology to be synthetically opposed as a Hegelian Dialectic, such as ‘militant Islam‘ ; or be it the mere introduction of “beneficial cognitive diversity” to keep people confused chasing red herrings, while the real show in a different part of town inches irreversibly towards fait accompli.

Anyone who has spent any time studying political science, or perhaps studied it at the University of Chicago (or any number of other elite institutions from MIT to Harvard), would trivially recognize these principles being practiced in modern statecraft, as even Dr. Francis Boyle recently vouched.

Controlling the opposition enables controlling all discourse in society. By straight-jacketing all national dialog into a box, and then permitting vigorous debate within that box, including exposés and corruption scandal outings, helps provide all the right illusions pertinent to maintaining society in a matrix of synthetic reality, a combination of truths, half-truths, and outright lies. All made experiential and hence as empirical as Alice felt in Wonderland.

But more pertinent to the topic here, controlling the opposition in developing nations is also used to effectively destabilize an existing status quo to keep the establishment in perpetual check ; or to replace it with a new face to give people the ‘change’ they demand ; or to affect ‘regime change’ as is being diabolically instrumented in Iran with the new ‘green revolution’ (see pages 27 to 29 in the referenced PDF below).

All the CIA backed coups since the CIA’s inception were mostly brought about by such subversive controlled opposition from within. That’s of course not news, as even a semi-moron can witness from Iran in 1953 to Venezuela in 2002. Therefore, denying the presence of fifth columnists who are routinely cultivated as dupes, patsies, and mercenaries to continually undermine nations is a necessity of psyops, especially when the subversion is on-going and continuous. Only of course to be blithely revealed ex post facto, after a major coup d’état or exposé, when the wise fuddy-duddies who denied its existence as outrageous ‘conspiracy theory’ at the time, write books upon books exposing it. Again, controlled opposition, controlled morality, controlled memory, and controlled bullshit of the intellectual. As mainly a historical footnote, it is perhaps worth mentioning that it was glibly admitted in his 1996 memoirs, Profiles of Intelligence, by a former Director of Pakistan’s ISI, of how such a controlled opposition was fomented with suitcases full of American dollars to send the rather intransigent elected Pakistani prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to the gallows, replacing him with a more pliable military-uniform which provided the Carter-Brzezinski White House the “opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war” from Pakistan (read the pertinent excerpt here).

An anonymous website just a few days ago did such an excellent compilation of references on this very topic that I refer the reader to study pages 2 to 9 of its archived PDF, if interested in acutely understanding who funds controlled opposition via NGOs and the many shades of ‘pro democracy’ sentinels instituted in our developing nations. Thanks to the anonymous person who compiled this section: ‘2. Everything You Always Didn’t Want To Know About NGOs/USAID But Here It Is Anyways‘.

What does that have to do with this 12 Billion missing exposé in Palestine? Everything.

Palestine is on this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ planet, not on Mars. Therefore, it is also subjected to the same demonic forces of Machiavelli as every other nation. Why should it get a free ride?

In fact, Palestine is even more targeted with the full spectrum power of Machiavellian statecraft as its land is being forcibly colonized by the same hectoring hegemons even as we speak! The absence of any unraveling of Machiavelli to any depth in Palestine is itself very telling.

Therefore, reading about this news of partial-truth presented at the UN by Dr. Malhis, one would like to understand who really funds the organization of which Dr. Malhis is a apart. Who paid for her journey to Vienna unless of course it came from her personal funds, who facilitated her passport and travel, egress and ingress (contrast with the treatment meted to the young photojournalist from the Raffah refugee camp, Mohammed Omer, and who has difficulty even getting a visa), and who set her up to play the controlled opposition to Palestinian leadership such that she not only echoed empire’s core-axioms, mantras, and platitudes, but also remained silent on what needed to be said. Why did the UN Seminar invite her to speak to socio-economics, but not permit her to speak to the truth of Zionist quest for Lebensraum in Eretz Yisrael. It is as incomprehensible that Dr. Malhis would be unfamiliar with Zionism as Dr. Mustafa Barghouti when the latter had spewed platitudes and omissions on American television.

Perhaps the same question of ease of access could be asked of the veteran journalist, who despite living in difficult circumstances in exile, is permitted to freely roam around Europe and America (as depicted on her own website and in the excellent collections of photographs), attend high profile parleys, and bring us the news almost verbatim, perhaps as is intended by powers that be who permit her such luxuries. Kawther Salam who reported the speech of Dr. Malhis, is one courageous journalist, no doubt about it. But one wonders about being made a patsy!

Here is a straightforward test of reality-check outside of Alice in Wonderland for any public person who rubs elbows at the UN. Next time publicly state at a UN Seminar the unstated empirical observations begging for a world audience: 911 appears to have been an inside job for Zbigniew Brzezinski’s and PNAC’s pre-planned pre-advertised “imperial mobilization” ; the House of Rockefeller runs the UN and funds the CFR and the Trilateral Commission along with a hundred other tax-exempt foundations which ab initio created the policies of “imperial mobilization” as a diabolical “end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece” including that of the United States of America itself – minimally a treason and conspiracy to commit treason ; the House of Rothschild is the real power behind Israel, as well as the interlocking power behind all the world’s private central banks, including the Rockefeller fortunes and therefore, also controls American foreign policy via the Rockefeller funded foundations just as much as it controls the EU Parliament and the UK ; that One-world government, i.e., scientific totalitarian dictatorship through Global Governance, is their one common purpose which runs directly through Zion and therefore, nothing can be done of the Palestinian question unless these godfathers of war and hegemony, living in palaces and protected by the fiat of legalism and state-power, are neutered first!

Let’s see who is invited to the UN, never mind permitted to board a flight afterwards to leave for home, other than on a rendition flight! Some FEMA hospitality camp just might be their holiday destination next!

That being the unvarnished fact of the matter for anyone who might care to spend some time in a public library rather then jet-setting across continents and glamorously hob-nobbing with the who’s who at the UN, one knows that one is only Looking Through the Glass at the absurdly deep rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland.

It is already patently apparent that just as in Pakistan, almost all of Palestinian institutions, its militant organizations, its political leadership, its NGOs, its civil society, its secular humanists, its religious organizations, and even its official resistance to occupation, play some convoluted role in this thespian production of Alice in Wonderland on the world’s stage. Some play the part knowingly as outright mercenaries, and some play it unknowingly as dupes and/or co-opted patsies, often as the proverbial sidekicks and foils necessary for effective story-telling by the main characters in a long-running soap-operatic production.

I use the word ‘almost‘ above reservedly because it is referring to Palestinian officialdom and its publicly recognized entities including its opposition – for only those are permitted to exist and mainly flourish by the fiat of hegemony. The only genuine resistance in Palestine that I see (as also in the Diaspora to some extent), is in the tenacity of its ordinary peoples whereby “the old [refuse to] die and the young [refuse to] forget.”

The Palestinian people at ground zero obviously remain the principal core-obstacle for Israel in its aspirations for Zionistan – not the institutions of PLO, not Hamas, not Hezbollah (nor Iran, nor Syria, nor the so called Arab World, nor the American people, and certainly not the Palestinians already evicted from ground zero). This is simply a statement of empirical fact.

Therefore, it is primarily the ordinary Palestinian masses on ground zero who have to be vicariously fooled and cajoled with successive ‘hegelian mind fcks‘, kept on a treadmill in their active resistance, and ultimately brought to their knees from sheer exhaustion, euthanized, assassinated, eradicated, evicted, or forced to leave on their own. Let’s not forget that the one inviolable principal modus operandi in the conquest of Zionistan throughout the past 100 years of systematic Palestinian dispossession from Palestine and concomitant Jewish injection into Eretz Yisrael, is entirely captured in this one pithy David Ben Gurion’s statement: “We must do everything to insure they (the Palestinians) never do return … The old will die and the young will forget.”

And were Ben Gurion alive today, he might have just continued, reinforcing the tortuous reality on the ground: So socio-economic develop all you want in Palestine – we are right behind you to bomb it right back to smithereens to ensure that you will eventually throw-in the towel and never do return!

The crucial tool to create that very principled outcome among the Palestinian masses – apart from imperial blazing guns and the occasional butter – has always been Machiavelli! And its main ‘errand boys’, as always, have been inducted from among the ranks of the Palestinians themselves – principally from among its elite.

These are the naturally occurring House Negroes of many nuanced shades automatically springing up like weeds among any ‘untermenschen’ when the white man rules the roost. And every House Negro of course also always has some personal story to tell, of being oppressed, of being dispossessed, of having buried their dead, of their old house keys still dangling on their master key-chain.

Unless these tormented but mentally colonized fifth columnists are evicted from their perches – the mercenaries and traitors among them of course juridically administered, and the rest simply dispatched to the oblivion of a non-public life – and replaced by a younger generation of courageous field Negroes who are unburdened by trauma, and savvy to the statecraft of their oppressors, there is likely to be no Palestine for Palestinians.

That unraveling of the Palestinian House of Negroe, as painful as it is, must be done before any struggle can succeed. And as in Pakistan, it will of course entirely be ignored by the Palestinians themselves. When the dominant discourse is controlled by the House Negroes and fully supported by the hectoring hegemons, one can hardly expect them to indict themselves, never mind reform themselves. Thus it is not just coincidental that both peoples not only suffer a common enemy, and a common fate, but most important to averting that fate, a common malaise!

Before attempting to counter the overwhelming superiority of the hectoring hegemons and being effective in it, both peoples must come to uncomfortable grips with their own House of Negroe. It could be one’s father, mother, brother, sister, a respected elder. That is indeed the enduring power of Machiavellian conquest which helps it sustain itself. No nation can be free until its people make it free. But who wishes to go against one’s own loved ones peaceably? Thus is created civil wars and more “revolutionary times” in order to throw out the old. And with Machiavelli diabolically perched right there to harness that too!

Which is why, nation-building, as much as nation-reclaiming from tyranny, is a vigorous battle of both ‘mens et manus’ – mind and hand – synergistically working together to watchfully thwart the old while creatively engineering the new. And that’s just the way it is!





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The author, an ordinary researcher and writer on contemporary geopolitics, a minor justice activist, grew up in Pakistan, studied EECS at MIT, engineered for a while in high-tech Silicon Valley (patents here), and retired early to pursue other responsible interests. His maiden 2003 book was rejected by six publishers and can be read on the web at He may be reached at Verbatim reproduction license at


Overcoming the Palestinian House of Negroe with ‘Mens et Manus’ By Zahir Ebrahim April 11, 2010