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Dismantling the Fiction of ‘Former’ and ‘Ex’ Intelligence! By Zahir Ebrahim

Dismantling the Fiction of ‘Former’ and ‘Ex’ Intelligence – Zahir Ebrahim’s Response to Philip Giraldi

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

January 22, 2011


While this lofty notion of “former” intelligence officers coming on the side of the ‘untermenschen’ in challenging their own former bosses in the name of justice, liberty, and the American way, may indeed work for corporate and other lower-level “secrets” leaking in administrative and bureaucratic whistleblowing, apart from selling great books of fiction that is, it is outright a mirage when it comes to the national security state!

But the public is gratuitously goaded into believing this nonsense in the name of profound metanoia, of the feline going for hajj after eating 900 mice and endeavoring to become the rights activist for the mice! Only the meals at the cats’ round tables believed it, and paid for it!

If these “intelligence” officers were really so piously intelligent, they’d have:

1) a priori been able to tell the difference between hectoring hegemons whom they willingly served, and living peaceably as equals among the comity of nations, by not accepting to carry forth and implement the primacy agenda of their well paying jobs until their retirement, i.e., be able to tell the shit before stepping into it, never mind after feasting on it – yummm, this is real shit! ; and

2) be sleeping with the fishes if they revealed any real state-secrets other than gibberish designed for public consumption along the NSC 10/2 Directive (and those like it), or really changed sides, or really posed a threat to the status quo in any shape or form because of their extraordinary insiders knowledge to the increasingly policing national security state!

They’d be among the first to be rendered the official benefit of Janet Napolitano’s verdict “Homegrown terrorists represent a new and changing facet of the terrorist threat.”!

Before you tell me that Rendition Flights are forbidden to the lofty American peoples, including former CIA Intelligence officers and whistleblowers who can also claim the benefit of this and that Amendment of the American Constitution, perhaps you might read this Postscript.

To underscore the speciousness of this facade of “former” and “ex”, also see the latest marvel doing her obligatory bow-taking among the dissent-chiefs spewing more red herrings, Susan Lindauer, in her “An Intelligence Defense of Julian Assange”! My response in the comment section of that article titled ‘What a Limited Hangout’ trivially outted that cat for her brazen omissions! It is reproduced in the sidebar. But guess what? The gallant leaders of dissent taking in the cat’s wisdom by the bucket-full, blame this mouse for being such a skeptic! A clever mouse, unfortunately for the cats, learns quickly, except in cartoons.

All we have here, ladies and gentleman of the jury, is one giant cartoon show being put up on the silver screen of Plato’s Cave with copious help from patsies, dupes, stooges, as well as mercenaries. Who is who is irrelevant, as far as I am concerned – for how can one ever know?

See the FAQ: Intellectual Negro, for the levels of co-option which transcend the traditional, and rather simple, “the check is in the mail”.

If that’s true of the vile Uncle Toms today, on what basis is it not true of the even viler instruments of the “massa” who actually sit and eat, or sat and ate, at the same tables?

No, they have to prove it to me – I don’t buy their tryst with metanoia, that the Zebra can change its stripes. Can happen? Prove it!

Reveal something (as how exactly was 9/11 executed as an inside job, who were the principal henchmen, who were the principal hierarchy of masters) ; act upon something (as in International Criminal Court, bringing criminal charges for crimes against humanity in Zionistan not on the mere errand boys, but the principal oligarchy whom they front) ; build something (as in movements) ; minimally, say something the world already does not know ; anything, something to help the ‘untermenschen’ realistically take-down the hectoring hegemons at the source – and if you live afterwards, I’ll take a second look at your virtue.

The genuine antidotes to hectoring hegemons are well advised to think about the convolutions of intelligence in statecraft, before they go rushing into the arms of sophisticated “cognitive infiltration”!

The following is my response to Philip Giraldi’s popular missive: SERVING UP PALESTINE ONE SLICE AT A TIME which is being reproduced on many a Palestinian supporter website.

The one thing sensible in this article by Philip Giraldi, a former CIA Officer, and the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, is this empirical statement:

‘I know there are readers out there who must believe that there is actually a secret, underground State Department, possibly concealed somewhere in the Department of Agriculture, that is actually going around the world and doing what is best for America and its people. Alas, it is not true and what we are seeing is what we are getting.’

Otherwise, as a former CIA Officer, one would think he’d betray a bit more analytical acumen for why these puppetshows are “what we are seeing is what we are getting.” That WHY is it that way?

The “WHY”!

Not the “WHAT”, which Giraldi – like almost 99.99% of Palestine commentators, including the Palestinians themselves – describes accurately, as in the following passage, which is everything the world already sees, everything the world already knows, not the least of whom are the Palestinians themselves:

‘Make no mistake, Israel does not want a Palestinian state because it would require the resolution of certain “core issues.” These would include the actual sovereignty of a Palestinian nation, access to Jerusalem, fixing the borders, and the sharing of limited water resources, most which now go to feed the illegal Israeli settlements which Washington has officially condemned but done nothing about for forty years.’,

But where is the “WHY”?

Why isn’t the State Department able to do what Giraldi laments: “that is actually going around the world and doing what is best for America and its people.”?

Is this rocket science to understand the “WHY”?

Oh, it is the Jewish Lobby, that’s WHY!

What a load of crock!

See for instance this analysis where this red herring is once again examined afresh.

What a Limited Hangout!! Response to Susan Lindauer’s “An Intelligence Defense of Julian Assange”!

December 25, 2010

Perhaps black-ops experts echoing the axioms of empire in public might first wish to read this deconstruction of their own craft before they feel the urge to know Julian Assange and disclose anything beyond what is acceptable for stooges and assets to utter in public while remaining ambulatory.

This article is a load of gibberish.

It suggests that ‘operation canned goods’ never happened; and by implication that the threat to the United States and its peoples is external rather than internal from the same black-ops coffers where monies magically disappear in the exercise of hegemony and domestic tranquility; that there is no such concept as false-flag operations in order to launch pretexts as “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization”; that plausible deniability for black-ops with cleverly planted cover stories emanating as ‘leaks’ and ‘whistleblowing’ are not inherently part of NSC 10/2 and standard operating procedure of statecraft when “deception is a state of mind and the mind of state”; that most people on the planet are actually idiots just because they are silently bamboozled into “imperial mobilization” crafted from hegelian dialectics and hummed on the Mighty Wurlitzer!

All big words for some – but those wannabe writers who bring gospel to us poor plebes from the mountain top might perhaps wish to spend some time in the bowels of a good public library once in a while reading up on statecraft of hegemony which might prove to be be a tad more useful to one if one is a genuine whistleblower (rather than a mercenary) in trying to comprehend the role of dupes and patsies in the compositions of the Mighty Wurlitzer.

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

When a former CIA intelligence officer will answer that inquiry correctly, I believe it would only be in the annals of history ex post facto, to make money and fame writing memoirs and laughing his way to the bank.

It is very characteristic of Palestinian supporters, and of Palestinians themselves, to clutch at any strawman – including this one, especially as it depicts the sorry state of the Palestinians – even when it makes it out like the White House, and the State Department, and the Congress, and the Lobby groups, are powers unto themselves, and running the United States of America and thus entirely responsible for its policies, its mis-happenings, and its crises.

A good fiction which is worthy of repeating every so often so that the people of the world can never bring any spotlight to bear that Palestine is fundamentally a Rothschild project, the bankster oligarchy which controls all incantations of power in the West, principally driving nation-states asunder to create their world government to be headquartered in Jerusalem. Just stare at the Rothschild donated Supreme court building in Jerusalem and reflect on the symbolism of it – not to mention the Knesset, etc.

Which is why, Palestinians have the continuous privilege of hearing ad nauseum how they are losing it all piece-meal, how their population explosion will eventually bring them the only viable solution, etc. etc.

There is zero information content in this article – I am sorry to suggest, beyond that one sensible comment quoted up above, which in itself contains no information, but is a wonderful (sic!) way of expressing what is already grotesquely empirical.

There is absolutely nothing here the world does not already know. Is that the best an intelligence officer can do? Can the Palestinian supporters do a tad better, go where truth shines, rather than where lofty titles falsely shine: “Philip Giraldi, a former CIA Officer, is the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest. His “Deep Background” column appears every month exclusively in The American Conservative.”

In the mean time, take 10 and give back 1 if the Palestinians behave, continues. “WHY” does that continue is the question no one will address. What is the sublime nature of the omnipotent power which makes it continue, the nature of its “Iron Wall” which protects Zionistan from any practical interference from both outside and from within which enables it to continue, is a question no one will address.

No Mr. Philip Giraldi, and the Palestinians, and their supporters looking up to others to come to their rescue – clasping at any narrative which captures even part of the Palestinian misery, no matter who utters it – these answers will not emerge from former intelligence officers. Because, I suspect, there is no such thing as “former”. There is surely ‘no exit’ alive from that business. I know of no instance of it.

Even the courageous Col. Fletcher Prouty ensured that he will not be revealing any real information in his book the “Secret Team” by stating so in the very beginning of the book, before he went on to merely describe only one of the henchman of the oligarchs, as the “Secret Team”.

The only person in the West today, it seems to me, who dares to go to the “WHY” of Palestine’s plight accurately, is this fellow David Icke. And this gentleman too makes sure, in the same breadth, that he is not taken too seriously, by also uttering some outlandish and entertaining sci-fi on the Annunaki, global consciousness, vibrating frequencies, the moon matrix, etc., as the higher level “political truths” really running the world, of which the earthly bankster oligarchy, variously labeled as the lizard-shape-shifting bloodlines and such, themselves are just the errand boys and thus no need to focus on them! Instead, let’s focus on the aliens…. Even Wikileaks has begun to lend credibility to the concept of extra-terrestrials by making references to the UFO. Learn more: “Wikileaks and the UFO: Response to Gordon Duff”.

But if one can shrewdly separate the chaff from the wheat, especially in David Icke’s pitch by understanding that political science rather than sci-fi is running the world, by not throwing the baby out with the bath water, then David Icke, like Eustace Mullins before him, has the singular Western guts to call a spade a spade, as in this incredible interview-conversation with Red Ice Creations. Here, David Icke has uttered more useful content in one conversation than anything ever written about on contemporary matters by any insiders, former and current, in the United States of America. Judge for yourself:

The transcript of the segment on Palestine and Rothschilds can be found in: “My experiments in confusion – Part-2: The invisible House of Rothschild”.

There, one finds the answer to “WHY”.

And when one understands the “WHY”, deeply, intuitively, then one begins to know who the real enemy is, and who the real behind the scene puppetmasters are, and why the errand boys and girls mentioned by Philip Giraldi are merely that. puppets, because of which, in Philip Giraldi’s own descriptive words: “what we are seeing is what we are getting.” Only by understanding the WHY, does it help comprehend the bizarre WHAT!

And, fantastically, immediately points to the direction of redressal: UNMASK the “Iron Wall” which only thrives on anonymity and obfuscation, in order to save Palestine from all the red herrings – before it is too late. The native American today can do no more than just remember…. and write and read narratives…

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

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Dismantling the Fiction of ‘Former’ and ‘Ex’ Intelligence – Zahir Ebrahim’s Response to Philip Giraldi