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Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory! By Zahir Ebrahim

Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!

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November 12, 2009 | Updated Nov. 16, 2009

I find it sadly amusing that the editor of the Pakistan People’s Party sympathizers’ website, fancifully titled ‘letusbuildpakistan’, should have reprinted Project Humanbeingsfirst’s analysis of what Hamid Mir and Geo TV’s gratuitous hectoring of their tiny presence in cyberspace might commonsensically portend for the PPP leadership and President Zardari, under the honorific Conspiracy Theorists”.

And it is even more sadly amusing to me – if one is permitted to combine these two conflicting emotions simultaneously – that so far, none of its readers has chosen to publicly comment on it.

The ‘Brahmin’ priest couldn’t have put a more effective ‘Shudra’ label on a lowly plebeian’s work. Or perhaps the humble writing simply didn’t warrant a reaction, never mind a refutation, lest one became grossly polluted by the untouchable subject. That lack of reaction is perhaps in itself a pointer to something else.

And that is, that like the rest of us ordinary ‘untermenschen’ struggling to make some sense of the grotesque reality around us, perhaps all the many builders of Pakistan too can stand to benefit from a little Zen in their perspectives.

That, six feet under, there is no PPP, no Military, no Mullah, no Secular Humanism, no Islamofascism, no ‘left’, no ‘right’, no empire, no hectoring hegemons, no world government, no lucrative paychecks from the local NGOs or accolades at the Western think-tanks, and no ISI assets and sayanim shilling for the handful of high-ranking mercenaries within the Pakistani Military under the Technique of Infamy.

That, maggots can equally not tell the difference who lies, who spins, who murders in how great a numbers under which blaring trumpet and uniform, the best.

And that quintessential Tao of Reflection, is apparently entirely missing from the Pakistani psyche as all the partisans of their respective churches gather around the Unbirthday Party table with the Mad Hatters of this world boisterously singing the Islamofascism song in its many harmonious variations.

It is, almost as if, that sense of Zen has deliberately, or willingly, been co-opted.

Certainly, all that American tax-payers’ beautifully inflated sweat spent corrupting Pakistan has been well worth it – sure buys a lot of golf courses, Mercedes, and country homes. The hectoring hegemons’ own organs of propaganda blithely proclaim how they are the paymasters of the Pakistani military, possibly the only nuclear-armed military in the world where the obedient ‘Negroes’ listen with the most humble posture when the whiteman speaks:


And create this mayhem in return for the blood-monies deposited in Pakistani peoples’ name:

In Pakistan, an exodus that is beyond biblical

Can anyone tell the difference between Pakistan Military’s barbaric assault on its own ‘lesser’ people, eagerly fertilizing its own soil with its own kith’s blood to connivingly fabricate the patsy suicide bombers, and the American-Israeli slaughter of the ‘untermenschen’? Which is worse is unarguable, if it’s even possible to distinguish between the Red-Teams and the Blue-Teams:


The Los Angeles Times on Sunday, November 15, 2009 even attempted to provide some updated official ballpark numbers from Fox News’ previously reported estimates of October 04, 2009 (cached), on what those blood-bribes to Pakistan’s military look like. To this scribe’s skeptical eye, these were off by at least one or two decimal places as they still did not account for the billions in black-ops budget which is beyond official purview and hence reporting. Nevertheless, in the report headlined: “CIA says it gets its money’s worth from Pakistani spy agency”, the ‘TASS’ disclosed the amounts while spinning the same imperial axiom that it was to fight the ‘war on terror’:

‘The CIA has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to Pakistan’s intelligence service since the Sept. 11 attacks, accounting for as much as one-third of the foreign spy agency’s annual budget, current and former U.S. officials say. … Almost every major terrorist plot this decade has originated in Pakistan’s tribal belt, where ISI informant networks are a primary source of intelligence. … The CIA payments are a hidden stream in a much broader financial flow; the U.S. has given Pakistan more than $15 billion over the last eight years in military and civilian aid. Congress recently approved an extra $1 billion a year to help Pakistan stabilize its tribal belt at a time when Obama is considering whether to send tens of thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan.’

The stellar ‘Negro’ newspaper of Pakistan, Daily Times, again parroted that imperial mantra in their own bold headline the next morning without examining where the finger was really pointing towards, deliberately omitting to draw attention to the diabolical glory of “imperial mobilization”: “ISI used CIA money to build new Islamabad headquarters : One-third of CIA budget goes to ISI”. The news reports are cached here and here for forensic scrutiny in future law courts.

Yes indeed, lost is the complex art of adding 2 + 2 to the Pakistani genius.

This phenomenon is not only local to the Pakistani soil, but transcends geographical boundaries to wherever the Pakistani genius persists. It spans the gamut from the glorified native informant’s erudite prose in CFR’s Foreign Affairs magazine, to the right Hon. Ambassador of Pakistan’s CFR-CEIP endorsed entire book-length treatise splitting two imperially cultivated peas in a pod. And all the Machiavellian Betweens. None of course bother to explain “full spectrum dominance”, or how it is orchestrated when “Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization”, never mind attempt to unravel the destruction of the United States itself in the globalists’ diabolical pursuit of one-world government by leaching-off and spending-out the unchallenged superpower’s largesses into unbridled international terrorism, domestic police-state, and insolvency.

Let us together bring back that basic ability to perform simple arithmetic first, before dreaming of ‘Let Us Build Pakistan’. Dupes, patsies, and ‘Negroes’ don’t build nations. They merely help in destroying them by concentrating on the finger presented to them instead of what it’s pointing to. The previous East India Company excelled in holding up many a finger and co-opting many a Raja, vazeer, and court-jester. And so does the modern hectoring hegemon. See Modernity Explained. And the ‘Negro’ Explained.

That self-evident truism applies to all of us who don’t wish to be dupes and patsies, who don’t wish to be fooled into voluntary servitude, and who don’t wish to have a boot stamped on our face in perpetuity while getting us to love it! This is irrespective of where we might live, and what our tribal-cultural-religious affiliations might be. It applies to all of mankind, for all times, for “hegemony is as old as mankind.” But how to avoid being trapped under its jackboot?

I hope you, dear reader, can take the time to watch this short 2-minute clip of Bruce Lee teaching that essential Tao, of “Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory”:

Bruce Lee teaching the Tao of Reflection, the Zen of Martial Arts, to a younger apprentice in the movie Enter the Dragon.

Let me just add that I think, and I also feel, that anti-conspiracy skeptics are making a good start. Skepticism is indeed the hallmark of the genuine patriot. And I hasten to clarify that I do not mean to sound patronizing when saying that.

I am merely stating the obvious science of social engineering capitalized upon by none other than Hitler himself, and which is today just as ubiquitously being practiced worldwide as in the yesteryear. And that is, to know precisely where to target psyops and propaganda: at “the crowd of simpletons and the credulous … when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor”.

As Hitler further observed the characteristic type most amenable to accepting bullshit as gospel from heaven, and those that aren’t:

First, those who believe everything they read; Second, those who no longer believe anything; Third, those who critically examine what they read and form their judgments accordingly.”

It’s all examined here. And that isn’t a conspiracy theory as the reader must surely agree, for the Third Reich was empirically built upon it. Denying that today only means one is wasting one’s time speaking to only the indoctrinated idiots and fools.

So, I dare to presume that the reader of this article will accept the wisdom that ‘those who critically examine what they read and form their judgments accordingly’ are rather difficult to fool, and therefore, can’t be classified as either indoctrinated or idiotic.

That furthermore, such people pose the only genuine existential threat to the unjust tyrant and to its thousand errand boys, and therefore, the honest man and honest woman would be proud to be included in this tiny group who genuinely do “wa-twa-so-bil-haq” as Muslims and non-Muslims. I.e., they remain actively engaged with truth no matter where it takes them, even if it goes against their own parents, against prevailing wisdom, or against their ownself. No qualms about that surely, at least to the moralizing theory part of it which is almost universal. The atheists today appear to be its greatest principled exponents judging from who stands up to falsehood more: the man of cloth perennially sitting on the prayer-mat and on the lofty pulpit preaching his ‘truth’ and bowing in pious prostration before his god, or others in existential protest standing up to theirs and risking their very life.

Therefore, in genuine earnestness, I once again humbly endeavor to explain – and really only under the presumption that I am indeed addressing the third group of people who do indeed take the time to critically examine what they read and form their judgments accordingly – why my deconstruction of what is happening in Pakistan is absolutely not just a ‘conspiracy theory’, but disclosing a real monumental conspiracy of the hectoring hegemons against the Pakistani peoples.

That, this criminal conspiracy entails having alternately glorified, then demonized, and then a change of ‘errand boys’ as relief, and then repeat, mercenaries at the helm of affairs in Pakistan while baby-step faits accomplis are diabolically seeded under the continuously fabricated conditions made to “look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion’”.

The unhidden goal in this round of murderous blood-plays on the Grand Chessboard: The Balkanization of Pakistan under the pretext of saving it from the Islamofascists!

That’s it in a nutshell. How complicated is that for a rational mind to examine? When they don’t, it implies only one thing. Only ONE!

Anyone who contributes to either the mantras of Islamofascism, Taliban, Al-Qaeeda, or the waging of endless wars against that fabricated enemy instead of the real one, in my view has already been unequivocally adjudicated upon at Nuremberg.

While the morality of the victor is always relative, as Justice Vinson of the US Supreme Court observed for his own nation in 1951:

Nothing is more certain in modern society than the principle that there are no absolutes, that a name, a phrases, a standard has meaning only when associated with the considerations which give birth to nomenclature. To those who would paralyze our Government in the face of impending threat by encasing it in a semantic strait-jacket, we must reply that all concepts are relative”,

and always becomes absolute while administering the victor’s justice as sermonized by the US Chief Prosecutor in 1946 at Nuremberg before sending the Nazi leadership to the elaborately prepared gallows:

If certain acts of violation of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them, and we are not prepared to lay down a rule of criminal conduct against others which we would not be willing to have invoked against us”,

for the vast majority of ordinary people un-attuned to the pragmatic witticism of Pakistan’s distinguished Ambassador to Washington:

‘“Foreign relations are not discussed in poetry, … Saddam Husain’s last speech was also full of poetry but it could not save him or his nation”’, and that ‘relationships between nations are based on ground realities’,

it does not change with the prevailing winds.

A courageous people must indeed face up to the “ground realities” just as the Hon. Ambassador of Pakistan boldly stated to his own audience, but unlike some pusillanimous and hectoring cowards, also apply the same standards across the board rather than rush to coddle the greatest criminals exuding the most power as “ground realities”.

The following is an excerpt from last year, September 10, 2008 to be precise, from a letter I wrote my own TAO teacher in Lahore, titled: “Happy-Happy Zardari: A monologue on Hope and Voluntary Servitude”. The fact that it was written more than a year ago, and what it pertinently references is from almost two years ago, is both its vindication and its relevance to still saving the present for a better future.

Begin Excerpt

Pakistan remains exemplary in this – see Project Humanbeingsfirst’s February 2008 prescient report “Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? In her own words!” [6], and its November 2007 solutions recommendations “Open Letter to a Pakistani General” [7]. The election of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari as the new President of Pakistan confirms the setup by the Hectoring Hegemons for devilishly re-architecting Pakistan’s borders – as predicted in the series of reports on Pakistan’s Destabilization by Project Humanbeingsfirst – through increasing economic oppression [8] [9] [10] [11] and tyranny [12] upon the common man [13] already unable to make ends meet [14].

And then, the ‘ubermensch’ will come on their white horse wielding “shock and awe” to “save” the “the very petri dish of international terrorism” [15] from becoming the new “Terror Central” [16] and threatening the civilized world due to its instability and civil war! That ominous “saving” [17] is already in its advanced setup stages [18] even as I write this. Many front-faces have been lined up who will retain and maintain the core-lie to continually enable the ‘ubermensch’ quest for “full spectrum dominance” – that of ‘war on terror’ – and the present incarnation with Mr. Zardari is just another “happy-happy” ever-smiling face! [19] But a more insidious face than the Generals’ before, in order to present the more acceptable illusion of freedom and democracy as that is what is being demanded by the constituency to be controlled. Well, let’s give it to them under the praetorian tutelage of a re-incarnated seasoned Godfather who can be relied upon to obediently do the master’s bidding on account of natural inclination [20] to usurp [21] and plunder [22], with plenty of skeletons in the closet to keep a strong check on the desired strategic direction when necessary! [23]

Observing the events of the day (September 10, 2008) [24] being rehearsed with all the pomp and majestic show – complete with horse-drawn buggy and kisses on the cheeks and all – before the applauding world with Mr. Zardari taking the highest oath of office in Pakistan, reminded me of the opening wedding scene from Mario Puzo’s movie the Godfather, attended by the motley of morality-challenged, all dressed in their finest Sunday outfits. The only thing that appeared to be missing during the festivities in the non-movie version was the camera zooming into private meetings in beautifully shuttered oak and mahogany paneled darkened rooms behind closed doors on how the “territory” was to be divided up, who would get what loot, and who would be assigned to make which offer that couldn’t be refused! Even the fictional Michael Coreleone could not go so “legit” as the real life enactment! Once made “legit” and cleansed into a “virgin”, is it slanderous to recall the past? None of the afore-stated staid recollections from newspaper reports even begin to scratch the real surface of the actual experiences of many Pakistanis under Asif Ali Zardari during the two short hereditary reigns of his beloved wife. His popular nom de guerre of “Mr. ten percent” among the general public hardly did him justice. And neither could Al Capone ever be charged for anything other than tax evasion! Even that opportunity no longer exists – so long as the godfather dutifully continues America’s “war on terror”!

The earnest columnist Ardeshir Cowasjee of the Daily Dawn had repeatedly noted in his many weekly columns that the former President, General Musharraf, was the best among the worst of the lot, and while I never agreed with the famous octogenarian of Pakistan on the notion of choosing the lesser of two evils from a carefully constrained artificial choice forcibly inflicted upon the suffering populace, I do agree with that sentiment. But not because of anything Ardeshir Cowasjee ever observed.

But because, with President Zardari at the helm, and aided in his mission by the mindlessly silly and horrendously greedy Parliamentarians who turn on a penny, Goethe’s notion of servitude – “none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” – is being attempted in Pakistan under a godfather-civilian ruler as an alternative to the brute servitude under a military-general that was beginning to wear thin with the people! The latter however, in comparison, was surely a superior option to serve under, as there was at least no illusion of freedom! The cycle of false-leaders is quite revealing even as it continually fosters only the imperial agendas.

Let’s snapshot from the setup that began this “imperial mobilization”: The democratically elected Nawaz Sharif being replaced by Musharraf in 1999 to acquire a “unity of command” over the client-state, and the pubic showing enormous relief at being rescued from their misery by a military dictator who seemed to wanna fix everything for them – for the people wanted someone strong to lead them after all the previous debacles under “democracy”; 9 years later Musharraf now being replaced by Zardari and the people once again showing even more relief because they wanted to be led by democracy once again after all the debacles under military dictatorship that has brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy and dismemberment! The new “democratic” leader now appears to be equally keen on fixing everything for the people, but marches quickly in lock-step to the same beat as his autocratic predecessors!

While the people are kept busy in these ‘katputli tamashas’ [puppet shows] expertly crafted for them by the Rand Corporation and the Pentagon in America, no element of “imperial mobilization” is ever left to chance. It is just as precision an operation in Pakistan as 911 was in New York! If a military strongman is needed to enable the ‘war on terror’ by nurturing “jihadis” with the attack on Afghanistan, the climate is created to install him. If destabilization is needed to enable dismemberment of a former frontline client-state which has outlived its usefulness on the ‘Grand Chessboard’ in its present configuration, faux democracy is crafted to bring the destabilization to its critical mass. The concept of years of planning and long consistent execution times, as is political science based state-craft, is entirely alien to the impetuous Pakistani mind. Brought up over the past sixty years to only expect uncertainty, loot and plunder, disappearances and oppression, a Pakistani has become mentally attuned to going to sleep at night not knowing who will be in-charge the next morning (or where one might wake up)!

Thus, the notion that a devilish multi-year precision planning, and such state-craft sophistication as the ‘dialectics of deception’ described by Project Humanbeingsfirst in many of its reports, is even possible, is entirely foreign to the relatively simple, feudalistic Pakistani genius. Therefore, ‘katputli tamashas’ and frequent change of Acts and actors is great for the masses – for many couldn’t care less who is in power, tied as most have become to their daily bread and hope for miraculous deliverance!

The exuberance shown by the world’s leaders in rushing to congratulate the new Mr. 100% Pakistani President into their fold – one who had candidly noted: ‘The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), if it comes into power, must persuade the people that the fight against militants is “our war”, not just America’s war’ [25] – and all of them together agreeing to maintain that enabling core-lie of “imperial mobilization” intact, amply demonstrates this.

This coddling of a person who was further reported brazenly proclaiming “Asif Ali Zardari told a British TV that political agreements were not words of Qura’an which could not be changed with the changing political scenario. According to the TV, he was asked about his shifting positions and not fulfilling his promises to which he said there was nothing final in politics and positions could change with the changing situations.” [26], makes President Zardari actually the best qualified among the lot for the job of presiding over the dismembering of Pakistan! One who need not, by one’s own admission, honor any agreements one may sign, or the deals one may make, with one’s own countrymen in order to gain their trust! Wow! What an egregiously blatant mocking of a peoples quite accustomed to “Voluntary Servitude”. Notice that there are no riots in the streets in Pakistan, no protests, and while the nation’s ruling elite is politically and visibly united in celebrating the victory of democracy over dictatorship, the poor man is kept busy trying to barely survive!

Finally, one can rightfully claim, that there is little difference between the peoples of America, and the peoples of Pakistan – united they do stand in “hope” and inaction for a better tomorrow, as the rich plunderers laugh their way to the bank!

Indeed, I hate to suggest once again that all this was plainly manifest when Musharraf had issued his own proclamations paving the way for PPP and Bhutto to come to power with the NRO and the sacking of the judges by crafting his unilateral Executive Orders, which like in America, once made into law, become effectively irreversible. I had plainly written on December 21, 2007 in Project Humanbeingsfirst’s warning to the Pakistani peoples “Wakeup to the grotesque reality of the ‘Grand Chessboard’!” [27] (while most of the Pakistani and Western press appeared not to have ever been students of political science, history, or even forensic science – the only reason most among them are likely called journalists, the press, the newsmedia, is surely only because they carry suitably designed business cards or are rich enough to own the media – there are a few exceptions of course, as shown by this oped in the Nation of February 22, 2008 [28]; and I have no idea why the rest of the respected columnists like Ardeshir Cowasjee remained silent, despite my urgent and repeated pleas to them to at least comment on the warning in their own soap-boxes in order to draw attention to it, as no English newspaper in Pakistan was willing to publish it or any of the letters to editor [29] that I sent them before I gave up on further wasting my time; I had also, in my earnestness, foolishly apprised two newly retired 3-star Pakistani Generals in Islamabad of these matters over a long private lunch conversation, with obviously little impact and much wasted effort):

#2. The present ‘elections’ in Pakistan are a manifest fraud under the orchestration of the ‘hectoring hegemons’ themselves, and must be abandoned in the greater national interest of the peoples of Pakistan themselves.

This mantra of elections is replete with red herrings craftily synthesized to maintain Pakistan as a servile client-state in order to carry on with the same bold ‘imperial designs’ on the ‘Grand Chessboard’. It is merely the rebottling of the same old wine in a different bottle. It will surely be legitimately conducted, with no apparent riggings, and duly approved by all the impartial international observers to give the artful elections an official international legitimacy.

It is quite immaterial who wins in these elections. The laws and the judiciary of the nation have already been reconstituted under the umbrella of ’emergency’ to enable the nation to carry on unfettered in its primary objective of fighting the ‘War on Terror’ as an obedient patsy client-state – and hence to carry on in its own devilishly crafted suicide!

These elections will conveniently ‘elect’ a legislature whose leaders have also been deftly primed by the ‘hectoring hegemons’ themselves! And the highest executive office in the land is already retained in the hands of the same old ‘wine’ drinker.

Thus all the ‘ducks’ are still lined up perfectly in a row, just as they were on the very eve of 911.

#3. The people of Pakistan must fully reconcile with the Military of Pakistan immediately – the reconciliation being of the type that was witnessed by the surprised world between the oppressors and the oppressed in South Africa.

Not the type that is being pushed through the NRO to legitimize looters, plunderers, and rapists of the nation in order to staff the legislature with the made by ‘CFR in the USA’ and made by ‘RIIA in the UK’ Pakistani politicians with at best criminal credentials, and at worst, treasonous ones!

The military of Pakistan, as an institution, is indeed also the only hope of Pakistan as we must survive on the ‘Grand Chessboard’ and only they hold the cards. What is about to befall the nation can also only be averted by them. The civilians and the Military must unite – immediately – for overarching national considerations that far transcend individual grievances, ego trips, and past transgressions.

Thus the civilians must abandon all meaningless and mindless protests which are in any case devoid of any fundamental comprehension of the reality du jour on the ‘Grand Chessboard’ – none of them seek fundamental changes to our fate, nor do they appear to fathom what such changes are even supposed to be – and are merely only chasing red herrings that have been deftly crafted as perhaps per the Machiavellian ‘technique of infamy’. …

These protests are needlessly continually giving the Western public the impression of ‘instability’ which only adds to the credibility of the various pretextual mantras to come ‘deliver’ us from ourselves! There is much more at stake than to usher in a thin veneer of faux ‘democracy’ which is all that these protests are unwittingly accomplishing as can be empirically witnessed by anyone with half a brain.

#4 Instead of the faux ‘democracy’, the Pakistani Military rulers on their part must now rise to the challenge of genuine patriotism and as genuine guardians of the nation and help carve a genuine Democracy, with the capital D and without the quotes, as briefly outlined in “Re-Imagining Pakistan’s Defenses – Open Letter to a Pakistani General”, and as explored in “Saving Pakistan from Synthetic ‘Terror Central’”.

Briefly, that entails crafting a genuine Constitution under a bilateral ‘social contract’ between the people and the state, that is subsequently ratified by the people of Pakistan through a direct referendum vote. This can be accomplished within a few short months if there is the national and military will that understands the urgency of the matter and executes on it by gathering the right peoples to craft it! [ Read items 5, 6, and 7 here ]

Item 2 above, in bold, appears amazingly prescient – right? The new “wine drinker” makes little impact on the journey however. And we observe that Musharraf withdrew [30] without rectifying any of his own power-shenanigans in favor of the new “wine drinker” whom he had himself enabled and pardoned with the NRO that has lent new meaning to the adage ‘steal only in millions and billions, for generous pardon in the name of national security, national interest, or national reconciliation is the only outcome for monumental crimes when all loot’.

The new “wine drinker” in turn was, and is, being guided by the same hectoring hegemons [31] [32] [33] [34] who crafted and led the American foreign policy in the decimation of Afghanistan and Iraq, as expected – and so brazenly at times that there is no need to even hide that fact from the public – when Musharraf very well could have implemented all of the afore-stated recommendations for the genuine protection of Pakistan, as he enjoyed absolute power and the public would have welcomed his moves against the hectoring hegemons with open arms! Therefore, the lame surprise as demonstrated in this news report, aptly titled “Benazir’s promise remains unfulfilled” [35], is at best – well what can one say that hasn’t already been said about the press! Pakistani media is now but a distant reflection of the American media eagerly galloping down the same path. See Chapters 4, 6, and 7 of my book “Prisoners of the Cave” for a better understanding of what one is likely to see more and more of in Pakistan! [36]

If all this prescience is such advanced rocket science, how is it that an ordinary plebeian, with only a computer and an internet connection, can figure it all out, including the solution space, and none of the profound intelligentsia and the press in Pakistan can?

The answer must be that we are a well deserving nation ready to be replaced by a better peoples – as per the promise of the Qur’an!

But wait – I am not ready to be replaced, nor am I willing to accept that verdict, and neither are the 200 million Pakistanis suffering under the yoke of the handful of co-opted praetorian ruling elite of Pakistan! “Voluntary Servitude” may indeed be our failing due to excessive misplaced hope, but is that as criminally culpable as the tyrants who criminally rule over us by exploiting that failing?

Being a victim is not a crime, even if being a foolish one repeatedly is reprehensible!

End Excerpt

This ain’t no game dear brothers and sisters, friends and respected elders. It is continually being paid for in innocent blood of that lowly ‘other’. Tomorrow, it will be our own, it it isn’t already.

This also ain’t no matter of penning narratives in blogs, of making platitudinous speeches in town halls, of freedom of speech, of abstract rights which mean little in practice – but doing something useful about our own singular existential imperative rather than merely talk about it.

And one can’t do anything unless one diagnoses and triages the now almost comatose patient correctly. But it is still breathing. Not dead yet!

I genuinely pray that intelligence men, or men of greater intelligence, military men, political men, and of course women, those of uncommon valor, are reading this. Also, that at least some among them so inebriated with the banality of evil and prostration to power, will find the inevitable chutzpah to take me to court (but not disappear me into some horrible rendition). Just like Pakistan’s distinguished Ambassador used his best friend, the legal system, and filed a plentiful law suit for defamation against The Nation newspaper of Pakistan (notice cached here). I however won’t settle for any kangaroo court. But will be more than delighted to see anyone in the International Criminal Court of Justice.

Please watch my personal lawyer, Justice Robert H. Jackson of the US Supreme court, and the Chief Prosecuting Counsel for the United States, already having laid out my iron-clad case at Nuremberg more conclusively than any lawyer can:

Robert-Jackson-Nuremberg-Day-187-Closing-July 26-1946

But of course, that requires a Military Tribunal administering the victor’s justice to bring those very conclusions about.

Short of such a victor’s justice selectively administered, yes indeed the hectoring hegemons and their ‘errand boys‘ will win in the Fourth Reich just as they did in the Third Reich in yesteryear. Anyone efficaciously challenging them, anywhere in the world, is marched to the gallows as the terrorist, disappeared, or outright shot through the head. Others are simply ignored, or afforded their Hyde Park corners to asphyxiate themselves in freespace. All that freedom of speech in vacuum is very valuable of course to generously accord to the plebeian – we now sit around typing all day or make speeches to the cheering choir rather than tearing down the totem poles constructed to rule over us. And even more egregiously, actually fighting for the right to continue doing that pleasurably sterile thing over and over again! Some of the more famous among us are in fact also getting quite rich doing it. Some others are simply enamored by their own brilliant dissent-productions and feel badly when it isn’t appreciated.

Be that as it may, I humbly invite everyone, but especially the Pakistanis reading this, to refute me if I make a mistake, or to boldly join me if I appear to speak the truth in correctly concluding the answer to 2+2 =?

Let’s together unmask them all by uniting on the common nemesis. Even the natural instinct for self-preservation in the lowly herd helps them correctly identify the hidden hectoring hegemon of their jungle, and they boldly unite against it under their existential imperative:

Battle At Kruger

Why can’t we?

As one of my favorite Urdu poets famously said: ‘Mauj hai darya mein, bairoon-e-darya kuch nahin’. [1] That piece of poetic witticism if practiced by those now deceived, just as it is practiced by the herd in the video above, will checkmate the very “ground realities” that our man in Washington is so worried about.

Let’s help him shall we? But in order to effectuate even that single verse of poetry, minimally requires knowing how to add 2 + 2 = 4 before the Rubicon is crossed, before the barbarians march in through the gates of hell bringing their “shock and awe” with them, and before one’s own treasonous traitors and mercenaries do the people in. Indeed a great failing of the Iraqi people. But it was not of poetry.

Footnote [1] Translation: A wave outside of the ocean is nothing, as part of the ocean it can become a tsunami.

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