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Letter: Understanding the ‘arc of crisis’ with minimal work By Zahir Ebrahim

Dear friends of Project Humanbeingsfirst

Thought you might be interested in seeing this as well…. it is a note to some Muslim friends and colleagues. The US, EU, UK, are unfortunately plagued by the same systemic ailment as all the Muslim nations now experiencing the birth-pangs of “revolution”. The latest revolutionary headline on Libya reads: Gates hints at open-ended war in Libya Wed Mar 23, 2011. This “open-ended” war is but symptomatic of a systemic and pernicious disease which manifests differently depending upon the geography and politics of the people. One common ailment, many different symptoms. Hence, commonsense suggests, there is only one common cure. Which is why few talk about the systemic disease while all focus on the myriad symptoms – lest the cure be found – they are part of the same disease: THD (Trojan Horse Disease).

And even those who do talk about it, stand defeated at the altar of practicality! There is no field service manual available to the public to effectively counter the fait accompli of Machiavellian political science! Whereas, power is richly endowed with all kinds of vilely sophisticated practical guides to effectively implement its full spectrum control upon any public. Moral platitudes have been no match for Machiavellian political science. Morality has to be engineered just like hegemony is engineered. Only astute political power has the ability to pragmatically engineer anything, both good and bad; not the public living on platitudes between bread and circuses, and certainly not the glorified narrators of the deeds of history’s actors. And therein lies the perpetual defeat of morality when it comes in conflict with hegemony. The public, regardless of the outward form of its government, does not have a “how to” field manual, and the rulers do! Antiquity and modernity remain inextricably united in that way. And the rulers intimately comprehend this singular advantage of real power – which is why they hoard it while leaving the public with only illusions of it. This is why President Obama can get away bombing Libya ten years later with the same impunity as President Bush got away decimating Afghanistan and Iraq. This is why President Obama could also continue bombing Pakistan with a straight face as the change president the day he took office from President Bush in the perpetual battle of insurgency vs. counter-insurgency. And they all get away with officially committing heinous crimes against humanity wearing the mask of pious morality with the same impunity as Israel gets away bombing the Palestinians in their own homes without any presidential calls for no-fly zone against Israel over Palestine!

The counter to this system of primacy cannot be written into existence any more than it can be wished into existence. It has to be engineered into statecraft no differently than an anti-lock braking system is carefully engineered into an automobile. To merely provide a fake pedal and label it “brake” might work to interdict the human psyche in placebo-effect; it cannot interdict the psyche of hegemony running in top gear towards world government. And that’s what the rulers have done – provided fake brake pedals to the public to keep us occupied. How to instrument a real anti-lock brake behind the pedal when they control the automobile industry and all its production houses is a question of practicability – not design. I have many designs – just like the sages of antiquity – but no manufacturer to implement them. Quite the contrary, they have fielded a great number of expert salesmen to sell fake brake pedals using their practical guides. They ensure that no real brake can ever be practicably instrumented in the system. As a hegelian mind-fck, a celebrated faux design is made to look like “a god-damned piece of paper”; let the public ask for restoring it!

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Letter to Muslims

Subject: Understanding the ‘arc of crisis’ with minimal work

AOA friends,

Attached are PDFs of two short articles which shed some light on this topic of why the ostensibly sudden “revolutionary times” are happening all across the Middle East. I hope you can find the time to read them both.

You can also find them online here:

These two forensic articles, I believe, succinctly explain it all (from my point of view of course).

To everyone else, these are “revolutions”. To me, these are pretexts for “imperial mobilizations” aided and abetted by Trojan horses and fifth columnists. A nation may perhaps survive its fools, but not its fifth columnists and Trojan horses. The latter come in every robe and in every flavor, often wearing the mask of high morality. They permeate all our institutions across all walks of life. They are a greater threat to a nation than the vile mafiosos sitting at the thrones whom all can see. They are every nation’s first enemy, the enemy within, who contrive to open the gates to the conquistadors outside the door. Without them, no nation and no people can be defeated easily. They are the ones who carry the white man’s burden with more gusto and alacrity than the white man himself. This white man’s burden is so damn uniformly distributed across all religions, color, castes, creeds, and politicisms, that it is perhaps the only universally egalitarian pursuit which truly does not discriminate.

Read it at the link below if you can find the time – it is part-7, the last and final part of my Confusion Series. It expresses a self-evident truth that only fools will deny – but a nation can still survive its fools; it is not a crime to be a fool, perhaps some are born fools, and some are too lazy to think and become fools; whereas a nation cannot survive its fifth columnists, and that’s where we are perched today:

Just don’t ask me how to get rid of our fifth columnists – that’s where I stand defeated. The defeat is not an intellectual defeat, but a pragmatic defeat. It is pragmatic, because, not even great Prophets of Allah could succeed – and yet they had all the right intellectual platitudes to solve the problem. We have been taught platitudes up the wazoo since birth. No one has taught us political science, the how, to practically implement these platitudes. The proof of this truism is in the pudding we are being forced to eat today, and have been forced to eat from time immemorial. Perhaps this is why, even Allah only promises bliss and nirvan and heaven in the afterlife – not in this one, which is evidently designed, a priori, to be the hell amidst pious platitudes!



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Letter: Understanding the ‘arc of crisis’ with minimal work By Zahir Ebrahim