The Invisible Octopus By Zahir Ebrahim

The Invisible Octopus By Zahir Ebrahim

Dear Zahir,

Regarding Zionism and Israel, although I find it rather pervasive yet it is clear as daylight that they have established a hegemony in the style of the spread of internet, very much enmeshed in the fabric of power. I don’t believe this is something that just happens, rather, it seems to me the culmination of decades of organized and conscious effort. It is not natural to see powerful Western nations, in particular US and UK, behave like they are subject to threat and hence need to appease this sinister force even at the expense and betrayal of their own population. Here in Canada, our PM shamelessly supports whatever they do, virtually like a zombie. And it isn’t just the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP are in it, too. One of our NDP MPs, Libby Davies, was strongly reprimanded by the late NDP head, Jack Layton, and she had done nothing but express the obvious about Israel. One wonders how we have come to this that a bunch of thugs are can have so much power over our government.

It is so easy to be disillusioned and demoralized when one looks at what is happening in our Muslim nations, though I try to keep faith alive in humanity and decency and justice, reminding myself that for example, the darkest of the night is before dawn. And I also wonder why Russia and China do not provide adequate challenge to these insane financial and belligerent policies that constitute the USrael/UK agenda. It is humanity that is being hijacked… I may have mentioned it to you before but in Farsi we have a saying, “harcheh b’gandad namakash mizannand; waay beh roozi keh b’gandad namak” which translated says, “whatever is liable to rot is treated with salt, alas the day when salt rots”.

[A Canadian of Iranian descent]

My Response

“One wonders how we have come to this that a bunch of thugs are can have so much power over our government.”

Indeed. This is what the Rothschild scions have been quoted for 250 years: “Give me control of a nations money supply and I care not who makes its laws”!

With that one single primordial control over nations in the form of controlling their central banks, they created what you aptly described: “they have established a hegemony in the style of the spread of internet, very much enmeshed in the fabric of power.”

This is how they prevailed over Great Britain, the mother country of Canada, to issue the Balfour Declaration – one of the most treacherous documents in the history of colonialism. Click on the Balfour Declaration image below to see its careful language deconstruction by yours truly – Notice that the Balfour Declaration is issued to the Rothschild name!

The Balfour Declaration November 2nd 1917

Caption The Balfour Declaration November 2nd 1917

The full examination of the Rothschild power structure is in my Rothschild trilogy – called My Confusion Series Part-1Part-2 and Part-3 !

And as you correctly noted of the interlockingness of their power, akin to “the spread of internet”, the following explanation was given by W. Cleon Skoussen in his book ‘The Naked Capitalist’ on how it was exercised by a handful of men:

The real value of Tragedy and Hope … [is the] bold and boastful admission by Dr. Quigley that there actually exists a relatively small but powerful group which has succeeded in acquiring a choke-hold on the affairs of practically the entire human race. Of course we should be quick to recognize that no small group could wield such gigantic power unless millions of people in all walks of life were “in on the take” and were willing to knuckle down to the iron-clad regimentation of the ruthless bosses behind the scenes. As we shall see, the network has succeeded in building its power structure by using tremendous quantities of money (together with the vast influence it buys) to manipulate, intimidate, or corrupt millions of men and women and their institutions on a world-wide basis.’ (W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Capitalist, pg. 6)

See “Monetary Reform: Who will bell the cat?” for a fuller examination of why it is next to impossible to overturn this all-pervasive corrupt-power once it has been legally granted to the predators.

It makes no difference, once this predatory power is granted and unleashed upon the public, who sits in the White House or the Congress. And the same is true of Canada, the EU, and the UK. I examined this in 2008 on the eve of US presidential elections and called for the boycott of the elections to give a low voter turnout in order to demonstrate the illegitimacy of democratic institutions once such power has been legally granted to the bankster fraternity. It is in this essay: “Not-Voting is a ‘YES’ vote to Reject a Corrupt System“.

So yes, all democratic systems of governance under their respective constitutional republic fabrics have been entirely co-opted by such private power. It is that power and its affiliation with Zionism which makes all the western nations beholden to Zionism. If instead of Zionism, the predators had chosen to ally themselves to some new ideology, say “Babism” or Mayaism” — just cooking up some terms — then it would have been those ideologies which would now be holding their Damocles’ sword upon the peoples of the earth.

In their present alliance with Zionism, the end goal is World Government by the financial oligarchy. All the global crises we see are merely enabling vehicles for this new system of global management of the planet, which to me appears will be ruled from Tel Aviv and legislated from the New Jerusalem – the claimed hometowns of the Rothschilds. It is obvious that this is already coming true — for those who rule the White House, the sole unchallenged superpower, also rule the world. Soon, very soon, they will supplant the White House and rule the world directly as the new ruling state without pretensions. Zion will be the new “peace-maker” for the planet in her one-world government! We can already witness the prelude to that global “peace-making” in Palestine today in “From Genesis to Genocide” and “Holocaust in our Age”. We can also already see the enabling of the new public relations mantra for the god’s chosen peoples in the FBI training graph below. Please click on the image to see its deconstruction by yours truly (also see “Hijacking the word ‘Islam’ for Mantra Creation“):

Caption An FBI presentation titled “Militancy Considerations” measures the relationship between piety and violence among the texts of the three Abrahamic faiths

Caption An FBI presentation titled “Militancy Considerations” measures the relationship between piety and violence among the texts of the three Abrahamic faiths

The realization of the immenseness of this interlocking power-structure remains invisible in the struggle for Palestine among the Palestinians and their supporters. That is the real tragedy – that mankind has collectively failed to recognize the nature of this all-pervasive power which has besieged the world for over a hundred years by riding on the backs of world wars, empires, and presently the sole superpower.

Who or What can unlock their octopi like grip on the affairs of the world when people don’t even see the octopus?

Zahir Ebrahim

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The Invisible Octopus By Zahir Ebrahim