Is Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project a Mossad Agent? By Zahir Ebrahim

Letter of Preliminary Findings: Is Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project a Mossad Agent?

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

January 25, 2011 PLEASE SEE FULL ARTICLE – IT INCORPORATES THESE FINDINGS: The Agenda Behind Aliens and UFOs – A Hegelian Mind-Fck Part-II

To: Ken Adachi at

Subject: Is Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project a Mossad Agent?

January 24, 2011

Dear Ken,


Over the last few days I have been studying this Dr. Steven Greer fellow of the Disclosure Project, his UFO testimonies, his Free Energy mantras, his perpetual motion machine pitch and other bullshit to solve all the imaginary and manmade problems du jour such as global warming (imaginary), global energy/food/water shortage and global poverty (manmade), etc. All finally made soluble thanks to the miraculous but still vilely hidden technologies reverse engineered from aliens’ crashed spacecrafts by the secretive black-projects of the national security state! If only they’d reveal it – and hence the raison d’être for Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure/Orion Projects.

Before a couple of days ago, I had never heard of this brilliant fellow with such a phenomenal access to black-ops engineers who could so trivially reverse engineer an alien’s (from another world) machine in the 1950s, and not only figure out how it works, but duplicate it with our existing rather primitive technological base and limited understanding of science (otherwise we’d have been visiting their planet instead of their coming here)! Wow! I must have gone to the wrong school – should have joined Skunkworks!

I watched about 7-8 hours of these videos, including the 4 hours of Steven Greer’s Disclosure DVD, and the hour long rather mind-blowing interview with this US Air Force techie, William Pawelec:

That latter interview with William Pawelec is what got me interested in spending the other 6-7 hours studying what else Dr. Greer and company had to say about such matters. In the above interview, Pawelec discloses some fascinating black technology which existed in 1980s, such as a RFID chip with a transponding range of 120 km with just a two inch coiled antenna, and it could be read from outerspace! Since I am a EE techie from MIT and thought I understood antenna theory rather well in my heyday, this fascinated me. It simultaneously sounds both gibberish, and also fascinating if true, that they had this kind of remote sensing and RFID tracking technology way back in 1980 (with some exaggerations attenuated of course)!

The one contradictory aspect to Pawelec’s tales which struck me is that if the black-magic science and technology of the super-secretive military-industrial complex have so leap-frogged the public domain science and technologies, then, this 1980s RFID implantable microchip for instance, by Pawelec’s own admission, was invented by some lowly civilian academic in a non-classified backoffice of a university which Pawelec had to go sell to the CIA and to the black-projects of the super-secretive military-industrial complex. These meetings, according to Pawelec, were attended by super-secret spooks from the highest echelons of spookishness in the country, including the department of Agriculture and the Treasury, inquiring to know what its capabilities were! How can both be true? Are they super-ahead or aren’t they? These implantable microchips the size of a grain, as Pawelec described it, were subsequently manufactured in the billions using the same civilian semiconductor process technology which fab-based companies in Silicon Valley at the time had. I used to work for one of them myself.

So, it is not immediately obvious what super-secret super-advanced know-how the black-projects have had over civilian public science and technologies that they could reverse-engineer, never mind re-construct, an alien spacecraft with all its attendant technologies, when a lowly civilian academic from the public sector is called upon to teach them – except of course, in an Isaac Asimov sci-fi tale of Gaia’s visitation by the godly seed bearers!

The first I ever heard of RFID was after Gillette teamed up with MIT to start an RFID project on MIT campus in either 1997 or 1998. Evidently, this fellow David Icke had heard of this even earlier, as evidenced from his own 1996 video The Turning of the Tide. Where had David Icke learned it from?

In any case, I diligently went through hours of Disclosure Project videos, fascinated with the black-ops technology William Pawelec had talked about, as well as about the sacred structure of institutional secrecy in the military-industrial complex, “compartmentalization within compartmentalization within compartmentalization,” and how easy it was to maintain state-secrets for a very very long time if they really wanted to:

The ability of our government to keep secrets (is actually) has a long history of being very valid. There is a lot of programs that were successfully kept quiet for decades, if not close to half a century. And during the last ten years we have seen a lot of announcements of programs that were kept very secret by our government.” (Time 0:40:45),

But nothing technical came up in the rest of the videos, except interesting, and on the surface rather credible sounding testimonies from a 100+ people about UFO sightings (of which only a couple dozen are on the 4 hour DVD video available on youtube).

And I asked myself: how difficult is it to get a 100 former military types trained to obey orders, some other civilian ATC persons and pilots, psychologically primed to tell a tale after selecting them through careful profiling for susceptibility/suggestibility, and appropriately dishing them some hegelian mind-fck on the ground and in the air, to eventually sing any tune of the Mighty Wurlitzer? If they can pull off 911 before billions of peoples, this could be a piece of cake! (See: “Wikileaks and the Mighty Wurlitzer: A Note on the Mighty Wurlitzer”)

Okay, so I am not totally impressed by any of these testimonies… even though, some of them, like the following documentary linked to by Dr. Steven Greer from his website, is pretty darn fascinating – don’t really know what to fully make of it just yet. My first standard operating principle for parsing statecraft is the statement attributed to the Director of counter-intelligence for the CIA, James Jesus Angleton: “Deception is the state of mind and the mind of the State”:

Why can’t I see the damn UFOs when I go out at night for a walk? Or during the day hikes? Or when I am flying?

The UFO card is as old as the Federal Reserve, and just like they can plan out things 50 years in advance to the founding of Israel on the clock, they sure can plan out any diabolical acts, stochastically, based on game theory scenarios in which there are not deterministic guarantees of outcome, but likely probabilities of outcome, years in advance for sure. Like Brzezinski had noted in his interview in 1998, the United States had increased the odds in its favor that the Soviet Union will intervene in Afghanistan due to the increased aid to the Mujahideens prior to their invasion in December 1979. Increasing the odds to turn them into one’s own favor is a game which the hectoring hegemons evidently have much real world experience of, as vouched by Brzezinski, when he subsequently unleashed the “opportunity to give to the USSR its Vietnam War”.

I think this is what’s going on here – some very well-thought out, and very well executed, stochastically hedged, psychological mind-fck with these UFO sightings.

If there are really UFOs, and I am entirely agnostic on that issue myself, then my rational take on the UFO sightings and alien visitation in our epoch when the impetus towards World Government is already almost a fait accompli, is decided by the answer to the following proposition:

1) what’s the probability that the aliens will just time their arrival to earth in the span of a few million years in just those last 100 years when world government is being constructed piecemeal, and for which, the alien invasion is already deemed to be the final trump card ;

2) the further conditional probability given item 1) above, that the damn alien UFOs will choose to boldly unveil themselves to the ordinary peoples the world over, finally visible to all and sundry without exception, solely with the naked eye and caught in 70 mm cinematic capture on the latest high resolution HD camcorders, as opposed to the present-day crappy Osama Bin Laden style grainy flying-saucer youtube renditions made by intelligence ops and visible only to the selected elite peoples ;

3) the further conditional probability given 1) and 2) above, that the UFOs will also choose to land on earth in people-visible ways and invade/make-friends with the poor earthlings also precisely at that epoch when all the preparations towards Global Governance are finally completed just awaiting for that last and final global threat to fck mankind into accepting world government?

4) the final conditional probability given all of the above, that this UFO alien threat is also accurately anticipated by the earthlings, especially a script-reading President of the United States, Ronald Reagan in 1987, when he made the following bizarre statement at the United Nations podium: “we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”.

If that final number for the cumulative probability of the UFOs and aliens arriving just in time to usher in World Government, with the globalists exactly anticipating and waiting for their arrival, is a reasonable number, like something between 0.1 and something less than 1, okay, I’ll buy the UFO sightings as possibly real and unrelated.

However, if that probability number is minuscule, which I believe it to be, something of the order of ten to the power minus 6 and smaller, then the probability of actually seeing Aliens majestically alighting from the UFOs, just like in Orson Well’s depiction of H. G. Wells’ sci-fi novel War of the Worlds in 1938, might as well be 1 – because it is a staged-managed event all right! It will look like the blue-team/red-team war-exercise scenario with live ammunition – but in full public view this time!

Returning from that digression back to pertinently listing my final study video of Dr. Steven Greer, I watched the following last one hour of interview with Project Camelot. It has now capped my weekend study and I really only learned one thing of significance in all this, and that is to ask that one question already noted in the subject line:

In all of those hours video watching, I noted several errors made by Dr. Steven Greer, which I kept attributing to the medical doctor not being a scientist, and thus just making the blunders of any innocent domain-ignorant chap who is being bamboozled and is reading from a script. On the face of it, Dr. Greer seemed to believe in what he was doing, rather like a passionate jihadi, i.e., patsy or stooge, who believed he would be in heaven shortly, and parroting back on screen what he had learned. Steven Greer evidently didn’t (and doesn’t still) understand what gibberish he is uttering, as he is fancifully throwing about new jargonized vocabulary to impress his largely scientifically illiterate public audience.

For instance, in the following video on his own website, the Orion Project, whose stated agenda is to harvest the alien technology to solve the world’s energy and mankind’s many problems, Dr. Steven Greer utters the following rubbish on camera (at minute 3:48):

Unfortunately, you can’t really go to MIT or CALTECH and learn these types of sciences. They have just simply not been allowed into the mainstream public domain. But there are people for a hundred years, dating back to Tesla, who have come up with magnetic motors that tap into what’s called the Zero Point Field of Energy, or this Electromagnetic Flux Field that becomes self-running and Over-Unity. Meaning they put out more energy than you have to put in to them. I want to comment here a lot of people will say well that’s not possible. Well, it is. A heat pump is around 4 times over unity. A heat pump that is run in your house, electrical heating-cooling system, is actually about four times more energy that it does in work than you actually have to put in in electricity. Except it goes in either heating or cooling. And so there are many ways that happens. And people take it for granted because it is so common. What we want to do is take these concepts and turn them into electric generating power plants. So that they begin to replace the conventional fossil fuel plants. Not only for homes and business, but also eventually for industry and automobiles and cars and trucks.”

All I can say in response to this gibberish is: remember the “flux-capacitor” which enabled time travel from the 1980s Hollywood movie Back to the Future? Dr. Steven Greer seems to be reading from that film script! Just like Ronald Reagan had read off from his 1980s script at the UN podium.

And Greer further says he has three million dollars for inventors and scientists to come around and experiment with this magic science which is not taught at MIT and CALTECH! Which lunatic benefactor would give Dr. Steven Greer that kind of money – except compartmentalized black-ops with their own covert agenda?

So, up to this time, I am still thinking that this wonderful humanitarian Dr. Steven Greer, who gave up his supposedly lucrative medical career to pursue these idealistic goals to save humanity from itself, is just a passionate patsy being taken for a ride on the horns of scientifically sounding gibberish by the intelligence agencies.

The economists do that a lot you know, utter high-falutin gibberish to take even the financial experts for a ride on the horns of economic gibberish – and most of them also have fancy professional degrees and Nobel prizes (see: “The Monetary Conspiracy for World Government”). So why not here? It can happen to the best of us when we are blinded by our passions – we tend to act to like lunatics when viewed by others… and Greer’s website is full of inspirational quotes discussing one man’s madness is another’s genius…

But I changed my mind in a hurry after watching the Project Camelot interview noted above. I caught Steven Greer in an outright propaganda lie, presenting Iran as a mortal threat to Israel driven by the insane madness of their eschatological tryst with Armageddon (time 0:13:50):

it’s like Ahmadinijad in Iran saying, that it would be okay if we went to nuclear war with Israel, because it would force this 12th imam, which is their return of their Christ, to return, to Iran”

And Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy is heard in the backdrop saying: “sure”.

The fabrication is no silly inadvertence, no mere error of ignorance of an innocent well-intentioned patsy, but an outright lie from an expert Zionist spokesperson. The lie is seconded by Project Camelot, rather than immediately challenged!

It automatically prompted me to search for Dr. Steven Greer’s name with “Jewish” etc. tacked on in Google search, which brought me to your two articles about him from 2007, and 2006:

You may note that your take on Dr. Steven Greer’s bs and hegelian mind-game is identical to what I think about this, both of us evidently coming from a purely political science perspective.

My take is also fully fleshed out in the following recent article which I think might interest you:

So, based on this long introduction, and I apologize that I made it so rambling, it’s kind of documenting my own thoughts for myself as well, I wonder if you might concur with my preliminary strong suspicion that Dr. Steven Greer is outright a Mossad agent, performing his assigned role of priming the public?

Ken, you seem to be the one rational person I have found so far who even has any commonsensical assessment on record on Dr. Steven Greer which makes good political science sense. Many either appear to be entirely taken in by the UFO/Alien hype, or, don’t really know much about political science to be able to comprehend what convolutions a hegelian mind-fck can take. I believe that you have captured the basic idea correctly. Who knows what detailed contortions and twists and turns the plots will entail until its all actually played out on the world’s stage.

The Hegelian mind-fck of good alien vs bad alien, will they come or won’t they come, appears frequently in the mainstream press – keeping the notion of Alien visitation primed in the public consciousness

Caption Aliens can't hear us, says astronomer  Fainter broadcasting signals and digital switchover mean Earth will soon be undetectable to extraterrestrials  Aliens are less likely to be able to pick up signals from Earth and make contact. (Image via UK Guardian, 27 January 2010 Photograph: Colin Anderson/Getty)Caption Earth must prepare for close encounter with aliens, say scientists  UN should co-ordinate plans for dealing with extraterrestrials – and we can't guarantee that aliens will be friendly  Evolution on alien worlds is likely to be Darwinian, which may mean extraterrestrials share our tendencies for violence and exploitation. (Image via UK Guardian, 10 January 2011 Photograph: Rex)

What reinforces my suspicion of a strong Mossad connection is that Steven Greer evidently has the kind of open access to the highest corridors of power, to spooks, and to black technology, which only a well-connected intelligence agent on a mission from high-above can have. And Greer is presumably not an American intelligence agent because his mantra on Iran mirrors the Zionists demonization of Iran, playing Israel out to be the poor little underdog being threatened by an impoverished third world irrational country hell bent on wiping it off the map! I imagine, only speculatively of course, that an American intelligence agent would have no obvious motive to gratuitously bring Iran up to make Israel look good. I imagine if he were as patriotic and nationalistic as Dr. Steven Greer presents himself to be, speaking of Congressional oversights and Constitutionalism etceteras, that he’d actually try and make America look good instead of Israel!

A sophisticated man like Dr. Steven Greer, understanding intelligence matters and the hijacking of the Republican state for the benefit the national security state by black-ops and covert power, believing in the far-out notions of UFOs, aliens and alien technologies, the most avantgarde in liberated thought, demonstrates an unusually keen intellect and open mind. But simultaneously, also echoing the absurd mantras of empire and the propagandistic reference to Iran, demonstrates a perversely indoctrinated one. And that is a non-sequitur. Dr. Steven Greer shows the perversity which is typical of manufactured and controlled products of intelligence agencies and the Mighty Wurlitzer. The same reasoning may apply to Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan!

And, if, as I suspect, Dr. Steven Greer is a willing Mossad agent on a mission, then what can be expected of Project Camelot and Project Avalon, ostensibly two well-intentioned patsies being fooled into pitching the same mantras as Greer, and foolishly following in Project Disclosure’s footsteps of interviewing more Mighty Wurlitzer’s harmonics to manufacture more consent for the real diabolical agenda behind all this, the eventual unveiling of the aliens and UFOs – perhaps under the public pressure they are all attempting to seed in various ways? Below is my letter to Kerry Cassidy on her inexplicable enthusiastic endorsement of Wikileaks a few months ago – but now I wonder…


Best wishes,

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

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